Maine Fishing Guides visit Camp Knickerbocker

Sat, 08/01/2020 - 8:00am

    Volunteers of Maine Fishing Guides stopped by Camp Knickerbocker on Thursday, June 30 to teach Y campers different fishing related skills. Maine Fishing Guide is a service based out of Skowhegan, Maine, and is a relatively new guide service that wants to make sure to spend time with the youth in Maine to educate them on what the Maine outdoors has to offer.

    The day at camp started by breaking the campers into groups that each focused on a different subject, led by one of the volunteer guides. Skills included how to tie their own flies, how to cast a fly rod, and learned an array of different spin cast fishing techniques. The last block of the day, all of the participating campers and volunteers hopped into the canoes on the water, giving them an opportunity to apply what they had learned earlier in the day, ask questions to the guides, and catch fish!

    The MFG team had a great day teaching the campers all about fishing, and they hope to come back during the 2021 camp season to do it all again! MFG offers a variety of different fishing trips, Casting lessons, and outdoor adventures. They can be found on Facebook at @mainefishingguides

    The Boothbay Region and Central Lincoln County Y’s are excited to have volunteers to create new and exciting opportunities for the Lincoln County community through Camp Knickerbocker. This summer found Camp Knickerbocker trying new programs and activities due to COVID-19, as well as lower enrollment numbers, but it has not reduced the fun for campers and staff alike! For many families, Camp Knickerbocker has been the shining light of their summer. One parent had this to say:

    “Camp Knickerbocker has given my kids the classic summer camp memories they will look back on with joy when they are older. I feel good knowing that they are in a safe, healthy, structured environment that is also fun and active that meets their needs for social development and physical activity. What really makes any camp is the staff, and Camp K manages year after year to find responsible, mature, and fun staff that the kids like, and who can keep up with them!”

    The Y is excited and very fortunate to have been able to offer camp this season. For the rest of the season we are running at full capacity, so if you would like to reserve a spot on our waiting list, please connect with Sarah Brewer at