letter to the editor

Living a purposeful life in Boothbay

Mon, 08/19/2019 - 4:00pm

Dear Editor:

I worked at the Rotary Auction as a friend of the Rotary. Although I am not a Rotarian, I have been involved for at least 10 years. I am always amazed at the army of volunteers who work all day to transform the lawn at the high school into various booths and a live auction tent.

Working on Saturday, I met a man who wore a hat marked “Woodchucks.” I had read about these guys who donate and chop wood for those who need it. Later I met the leader of the “Set for Success” initiative, which provides all students with paper, pens notebooks and other school supplies. I began to think more about what a giving community Boothbay really is. Perhaps because it is a small community and needs are easier to spot, perhaps because we are in Maine where there is a long tradition of working hard and looking out for one’s neighbor. Perhaps because finding purpose in helping others is the fiber of this community.

There are many examples of efforts to help others in the Boothbay region. To name a few: Rebuilding Together and Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels and the Food Pantry, St. Andrews Thrift Shop and the Student Aid Fund, Home Heating and Oil Fund and many more. Participation in any of these efforts can lead to purposeful living. Many of us are living in the last quarter of our lives, but it is hard to be put out to pasture if one is living an engaged life. So, we should strive for a Purposeful life, a Responsible life, a Respectful life. Involvement + Passion = Purpose.

Sandy Drayer