Lifelong dream comes true for excavator Todd Hyson

“It was always a dream to see a truck with my name on the door.”
Posted:  Sunday, May 27, 2018 - 8:30am

For Todd Hyson, family and tradition are of utmost importance, and when he recently started his own business on land that has been in his family for generations, it was, in his words, a dream come true.

His business is called Hyson Excavation, and he’ll tackle pretty much any project involving ground clearance, stump removal, roadwork, drainage, driveways, foundations, sewers, septic systems, and tree work. “If it involves the ground, I’ll do it, whatever excavation entails – everything from start to finish.”

After graduating from Boothbay Region High School in 2003, Hyson worked as a mechanic at Dan’s Auto in Boothbay, and later for Wayne Closson’s landscaping business based in Boothbay Harbor.

Most recently, Hyson has worked for longtime family friend Pat Farrin. “It was great getting on board with him,” Hyson said. “I’ve been with Pat doing dirt work for over a decade. I learned it all from him.”

The new business is at 50 Giles Road, at the top of a hill in Boothbay, where Hyson lives with girlfriend Tory Paxson, their 2-month-old son Aiden, and their rescue dog Odin.

Some of Hyson’s great aunts and uncles lived in the house. His aunt, Evelyn Giles, died five years ago and left him part ownership of the property. She also left him her old pickup truck. “It was her truck and she left it to me, so I can’t ever get rid of it. We call it Evelyn.”

Another, much larger truck there belonged to Hyson’s uncle, Lincoln Giles, who died in 1990. “He did dirt work and moved buildings, and that truck was this family’s truck, but it was trashed and really no good.”

Hyson spent two winters rebuilding the entire truck, from the wheels up. “I dumped my heart and soul into that thing to get it running again.” He also did enough metal cosmetic work that it looks like a practically new, shiny truck.

A few years ago, under the seat, Hyson found a very old fuel slip his uncle had signed. “He had perfect penmanship,” Hyson said. He took the slip to Jon Marsh of Jon Marsh Signs, and had a replica made of his uncle’s signature in the form of a vinyl sticker.

Now that sticker is on the driver’s side door of the truck. “Forty-something years later I’m still running the same truck that he used for his business, and here I am starting out with it.” That truck goes by the name Lincoln.

Another large truck was bought from local well driller Larry Oakes. “That one is named Larry,” Hyson said with a laugh.

Hyson’s shop is decorated with old signs from around the harbor. A huge sign from Poole Bros. (now Hammond Lumber) takes up a large spot on the back wall. The sign was on its way to a dumpster when Hyson’s brother rescued it for him.

A small, hand-painted one from Video Loft probably dates back to the ’70s. “People just drag signs up here and ask me if I want them,” Hyson said with a smile.

Hyson said 2018 has so far been a big year for him. “I’ve never had a dog before. I always thought I was too busy to have one. I got him Christmas night. Then we had a baby boy two months ago, and now here I am going out on my own, starting a business, all within four or five months. It’s all good stuff.

“My mother grew up up here. A lot of my aunts and uncles all grew up up here, and we’re still going. Now I have my little baby, and another generation is coming through.”

Along with working with Farrin, Hyson has been working nights and weekends to make enough money to get his business started.

The business will officially begin June 1, when Hyson will leave Farrin’' business, but he’ll continue help his friend out part time if he’s needed. Hyson said Farrin has been nothing but supportive of his endeavors to strike out on his own. “We’re going to try to work together some, and help each other out.

“He’s more like a father and friend than a boss. He’s known this has been a dream of mine for a long time. The whole time I’ve been doing dirt work it was always a dream to see a truck with my name on the door.

“I can’t even believe that my dream is coming true.”

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