’Round Town

Lara and Bobby

Wed, 05/01/2024 - 7:15am

So fun to see Lara Tupper on home turf again! She and hubby Bobby Sweet, who now live in western Massachusetts  (no apology necessary), provided a lovely evening of entertainment at the Boothbay Harbor Opera House this past Saturday.

As most local folks know, Lara grew up here with mom and dad, Jill and Stan Tupper. She attended Boothbay Region High School, graduating in 1991 I think she said. One of her elementary school teachers, Maureen Kinsey, was in the house, as well as high school music teacher Genie O’Connell and a classmate or two. It was a pleasant reminder for Lara and early memories of theater and music.

After high school here in Boothbay Harbor, Lara got a master’s of fine arts degree from Warren Wilson College, then taught writing at Rutgers University for many years. Now she offers writing workshops via “Swift Ink Stories.” But she didn’t return to the Harbor to talk about writing, even though she has authored three books! She was here to sing and visit with her mother and old friends. A nice break from what has become a pretty busy life, which includes care of what she refers to as “six adorable hens.”

Lara has done a lot of traveling and has lived in some interesting spots around the world including  New York City, London, Dubai and Shanghai. But, if truth be known, I suspect her years near the Maine ocean are very important. I recall photographing with her and her mom at Ocean Point for her high school senior photo. She was very comfortable there and returns whenever visiting home.

Mr. Sweet, Lara’s husband, comes from a family of incredible music history – I’m talking six generations’ worth. From his growing up years as a small child, Bobby ate, drank and slept music. His father took him on the road and Bobby started singing at a very early age. In time, Bobby created his own brand of music and the rest is history. His musical accomplishments are endless. He has toured with Arlo Guthrie and performed with many too numerous to mention well known musicians. For more info, please Google him! Bobby has also traveled the world but finds his roots in the Berkshires, an inspirational treasure. With all their travels, it’s hard to imagine how he and Lara bumped into each other, but as all who attended their Opera House show can attest, it’s nice that they did.

The marriage, both figuratively and literally, of these two talented individuals is a gift. And we are the lucky ones. Thank you Lara and Bobby for sharing your wonderful music and remarkable wisdom.