’Round Town

Lara and Bobby

Wed, 11/18/2020 - 7:30am

For any Opera House August event, a window seat with a cooling breeze would be nice. In fact, once the lights go down in the House, a mix with fresh air helps everyone breathe a bit more gracefully, especially when some of the heavy rockers hit high gear.

Friday night's performance by Lara Tupper and Bobby Sweet added plenty of fresh air, and I had a window seat!

It was a packed-as-allowed public gathering --- lots of space between tables, masks and open windows. Seasonal weather gear encouraged. I was saved by the baseboard heat.

But we all were warmed by the grace and beauty of a splendid evening of stories and song and Lara and Bobby are good at both, especially Lara, hometown person that she is. However, Bobby shared memories of his own small town upbringing and trains. But he didn't mention Momma, pickups or jail. I happen to be a train guy. The Pennsylvania railroad locomotives growled right through the center of town pulling 100 car loads from area mines. The house at my grandmother's vibrated accompanied by whiffs of coal smoke.

Lara and Bobby have chickens. They sell their organic, free range, non-GMO, hand-previewed eggs for $45 a dozen. There must be a song in there somewhere!

We enjoyed a heartwarming evening in these unusual times. For me, it was my first show of the season which is almost over. It’s been a tough year, but the Opera House has soldiered on despite severely limiting restrictions.

Thank you Lara and Bobby for the gift of you. Good luck with new music, future books, gigs and eggs. It was a really nice opportunity to be transported beyond the clutter. Let the good times roll.