‘KKK’ fliers found in Boothbay Harbor

Police: Need license plate
Posted:  Thursday, August 17, 2017 - 5:15pm

In the wake of the Aug. 12 Charlottesville, Virginia, white supremacy rally and deaths and injuries, fliers targeting people based on race and sexual identity turned up around Boothbay Harbor on Wednesday. The fliers, which list a Ku Klux Klan offshoot in Maine called the “Traditionalist American Knights,” reference a passage from the Deuteronomy that relates to cross-dressing.  The fliers condemn transgender people and same-sex bathrooms.

A Boothbay Harbor Congregational Church member found a flier and gave it to the Rev. Sarah Foulger, according to a person answering the phone at the church on Wednesday. The person declined to give their name. According to Lincoln County Communications, fliers were reported on Middle Road, Lakeside Drive and Route 27.

On Wednesday afternoon, a woman came into the Boothbay Register office with a handful of fliers and said her daughter, out for a run Wednesday morning, discovered clear plastic bags with fliers in them and rocks holding them down, along Route 27, toward the Urgent Care Center. She picked up some and would have picked up the rest, but was afraid whoever left them might be watching her. She ran back home with the ones in her hand.  The woman said she was as horrified as her daughter was at seeing the fliers.

The Boothbay Harbor Police Department told the Boothbay Register that in order to identify a suspect in the case, a photo or a license plate number would be required.

If a suspicious person or vehicle is spotted, and if it is safe to do so, the public may use mobile phones to take a photo, police said. Any photo or information should be provided to the Boothbay Harbor Police Department at 11 Howard St. Call the police at 633-2451 before disposing of one of the fliers. If handling one, wear rubber gloves, police said.

Editor’s note: The original story incorrectly stated similar fliers appeared in Boothbay Harbor before President Trump’s inauguration.