letter to the editor

Keep living and living

Mon, 11/05/2018 - 4:30pm

Dear Editor:

Growing up on the water I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Furthermore, I can’t imagine being in a world without my parents, without two people giving their advice, picking you up, pushing you to work your hardest, loving you.

Is it weird to just want to keep living and living? Not due to fear of death, but because you’re so content with the people you’re surrounded with, that have been with you through hell, happiness and glory. So to answer my own question, “No, it isn’t weird to want to keep living and living.”

We hold our loved ones in our hearts whether they’re at work, traveling, or in heaven, but we must move forward with our lives. Move on from hurt, tragedy, trauma, or simply move on – to greater success and to more opportunity.

We (I) can fantasize, but there is no stopping something that you can’t control. How do we cope with a disheartening array of events? Do we pull the sheets over our head and hope for the sun to go away, for the alarm clock to turn off, and ignore everything/everyone, or do we get up and think there has got to be more? More for me to do, to accomplish, to aspire to.

There has to be more than going through elementary school, high school, and then college. There has to be more than having a job, raising a family and so on. My dad always tells me, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” So when I say there has got to be more, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for the earth that God gave us and the life my parents provide me with. I mean, I’m stressed. Hundreds of thousands of kids are stressed. Stressed about school. Stressed about bullies. Stressed about money, home life, etc. Parents keep telling us it will be OK, you will be OK.

Some choose to stay in bed and feel sorry for themselves. I choose to get up. To live. To experience life, whether that be in Boothbay Harbor or 2,000 miles away. Choose to get up. Don’t pull the sheets over your head.

Glory Blethen

Grade 10

Boothbay Region High School