Candidate for CSD School Committee, Boothbay

Kathleen Pearce

Wed, 07/01/2020 - 2:30pm

Kathleen Pearce

East Boothbay

Finance Officer town of Boothbay Harbor

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Considering the position you are running for, what do you feel are the three most pressing issues?  

As this year has shown us, we need to prepare for the unexpected, and make sure our students and staff are set up to succeed.  I am hoping we will see everyone back in the school next year, but we need to make sure we are ready if that does not happen. We need to continue to support and encourage all of our students, whether they are going to a four-year college, a trade school, the military or directly into the workforce. No student is like another and we need to treat them as individuals, and make sure their experience is the best for them. I would like to see more hands-on, experiential learning, all students can benefit from this type of education. Finally, I think we need to consider the residents of our towns, we need to provide the best education, the best facility while keeping the taxpayers in mind.  

Any other thoughts on why you are running or what you can bring to the office? 

Having worked in the Superintendent’s office for eight years, I have a unique perspective I can bring to the school committee.  I know the ins and outs of the budget and have a great understanding of the processes behind the scenes. My daughter graduated from BRHS in 2018, and my son is part of the class of 2021, so I have recently spent time in the schools as a parent. I think Boothbay Region High School will continue to thrive and am looking to be a part of that success.