Kathi Nordone to play at Savory Maine

Tue, 05/24/2016 - 9:30am

Story Location:
11 Water Street
Damariscotta  Maine  04543
United States

Musician-singer-songwriter Kathi Nordone will play at Savory Maine in Damariscotta on Saturday, May 28 from 6-8 p.m.

Her latest album, “Greater Than Gold,” just completed last month in Austin, was originally called “Village by the Sea,” but, Kathi was cajoled by Rick McRae, lead guitarist of the Austin band, to title the album, “Greater Than Gold.”

Her original album title, like the song, “Village by the Sea” on the new album, was inspired by the building of the Damariscotta Baptist Church steeple; the idea of a village and people coming together to build a church (many years ago) and a steeple.

The song was written on Nordone's piano, “Beauty,” which she bought for $50 from the Miles Memorial Hospital thrift store.

On this latest album Nordone ambles through the ruins of experience, with an optimism that defies the cliche-bound toasts of the disheartened that drift across the bar like so much smoke.

She hopes to raise spirit enough to help her on this journey, where life isn’t always easy, to print and distribute her songs.

For more on Kathi Nordone, visit http://www.kathinordone.com/songs.html and check her out on CD Baby. Savory Maine is located at 11 Water Street.