Juniper and McKown Points Column: Visitors, history talk and more

Tue, 08/02/2022 - 10:00am

Our Point is buzzing with activities this time of the year. Cottages are filled with people escaping the heat and finding relief by the water.

The Winnegance cottage had its share of visitors. Their visitors from Seattle, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania took advantage of all the excitement the Boothbay region has on offer: going on the Boothbay Harbor House and Garden tour, taking a golf cart tour of the trolls at CMBG, boat ride in the harbor, Oak Point Reserve walk, swimming off the dock and Juniper Point beach, and, of course, a lobster feast too. Lifelong friends; how special!

On Thursday evening, Carey Swope entertained about 70 to 80 people with a talk on The History of McKown Point.”  I say entertainedbecause Carey is a natural storyteller, he loves history and has done a lot of research. He and his family have been coming to this area for many, many years. He also presented some great old photos of McKown Point and some of the families that lived here in the early 1900s. Carey started the talk many thousands of years ago when Maine was completely covered in ice and brought us to the present day Maine and McKown Point. The talk was scheduled to last 60 minutes but lasted 90 -- and nobody left early. It was a topic the audience was very interested to hear about and there were several questions and comments from attendees. Hopefully well hear more about this areas history from Carey in the future as he continues his research.

The McComiskey family spent Thursday evening at the Opera House where the band ‘Cherish the Ladies’ put on a lively performance of traditional Irish music, including step dancing. The Simmons family was spotted in the audience with their grand daughter who’s an aspiring Irish dancer.

On Saturday, Susan Schadler and Leslie Lipschitz hosted the wedding of their daughter, Charlotte and her fiancé, Ben Wilson.

Everything was perfect: The weather, the elegant lobster-bake feast complete with an assortment of pies and cocktails, lively dance music and a gathering of family and close friends who radiated love and joy for the lucky couple and danced up a storm!

Our Annual Meeting is taking place on Sunday, Aug. 7. Information about our Associating is shared and important decisions are being made. We encourage all members to attend.

On Aug. 6, pancakes will be served up by the tennis courts followed by exhibition match whereby our tennis pros Dave and Susan duke it out on the court against outstanding players. This long standing tradition is sure to be fun for all ages.

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