Waldo Theatre Art Gallery

June exhibition: ‘Nature’s Bond: A Lifelong Dialogue’

Sun, 05/26/2024 - 10:15am

Story Location:
916 Main Street
Waldoboro, ME 04572
United States

    The Waldo Theatre, located at 916 Main St., Waldoboro, opens its June art gallery show with two accomplished artists that have created a life-long dialogue through their exploration of handmade paper, printmaking, painting and the natural world. Diana Arcadipone and Susan Hostetler met in art school in Michigan years ago and remain close friends today. This exhibition is a testament to the staying power of this deep creative bond that formed through the making of paper by hand. A lively exchange of ideas has woven in and out of art and life over years of developing an art practice, travel and family.

    After graduate school, Arcadipone moved to Boston and secured a position at the Portland School of Art (now the Maine College of Art and Design) in the mid-1980’s while Hostetler traveled to Germany, set up a hand papermaking mill and after 4 years moved to Spain, while retaining the paper mill in Germany. While based in Europe, Hostetler hosted Arcadipone in her papermaking studio and invited her to participate in exhibitions Hostetler was curating. Back in Maine, Arcadipone commenced to build her studio and home in the Oxford Hills while Hostetler returned to the states to live in NYC and later the Washington DC area. Throughout this span of time, these women have maintained an active communication through letter writing and frequent visits. 

    Parallels between their artwork center around the natural environment for subject matter, mixed media and in the handmade paper technique. While early training for each was in painting and printmaking, Hostetler excels in drawing and 3-D installations while Arcadipone merges traditional crafts (embroidery) with image making. Both women have artwork displayed in public and private collections as well as featured in film, print publications and television.

    Diana Arcadipone:  Her passion for making art with natural materials and mixed media emerged from an early devotion to craft techniques such as papermaking, book arts, basketry, embroidery and textiles. Arcadipone’s work is informed by folk art, anthropology, traveling, and an obsession with nature and spending time outdoors. It is the intersection of these influences that defines her work.

    Susan Hostetler: Whether working in gouache and mixed media on handmade paper or with clay sculpture, Hostetler has always been inspired by the natural world and habitats of various countries and climates, thus earning her the moniker, “Eco-Artist.” Hostetler's work has evolved to include large wall installations of clay sculptures, specifically birds. Her fascination with murmurations, flight patterns and patterns in bird songs have inspired her latest works in graphite drawings and sculptural room installations.

    This show will be on display from May 31 to June 30, and all art pieces will be available for sale – a portion of which benefits The Waldo programming. Viewing hours will include time and during before scheduled theater events, during the Waldoboro ArtWalk on fourth Fridays (June 28), and by appointment. To schedule an appointment, please email info@thewaldotheatre.org. For more information, visit www.thewaldotheatre.org.