’Round Town

Jean and Evelyn

Wed, 10/09/2019 - 7:15am

It is always a better day when crossing paths with this pair of lovely young ladies. And there are many paths that cross. These are the Southport goodwill twins. When you see Evelyn you seldom don’t see Jean. They are a great and indefatigable team of pleasantness and their visits, accidental or intended, bring joy.

At the island post office, Evelyn and Jean are an institution. When they show up you can be sure that the parking lot will keep vehicles longer as there is much catching up and sharing. Inside the office I can sneak up on Jean who stakes out the mail sorting and recycling table while Evelyn conducts business inside and greets others. Usually Jean reacts to my voice and often suggestive comment about her new hot outfit. We have come to appreciate each other’s slightly off center senses of humor. Jean doesn’t miss much and I can always look forward to a creative come back. This is often given a wide birth by nearby mail sorters who are not prepared for our banter.

Evelyn gets up early. When dropping off or picking up at her home office no passkey is required, but it’s important to note that one may find the day well underway. I’m not sure what time Lady Evelyn starts her day, but I am sure that it’s long before the sun comes up this time of year. I remember when the edge of her home parking space was the bus stop for her family kiddos and the neighborhood, which often included our daughters. You didn’t need to look too hard for preschool home prepared snacks which were genuinely appreciated.

Whether at St. Andrews Village, the grocery store, the Southport Historical Society, the post office or partying at McSeagulls, these gals light the way — the kind of people we need more of. They have supported our children, our institutions and our lives for many years. Don’t get in their way. They are on missions and must not be deterred, but you will not get the bum’s rush.

Keep on keepin' on ladies. We are forever grateful.