letter to the editor

Invest in our children

Mon, 04/01/2024 - 5:30pm

    Dear Editor:   

    I recently watched with great interest the Java With Julie videos on Facebook – both Julie Roberts’ conversation with trustee Steve Lorrain and Episode 1 talking with Principal Shawna Kurr of Boothbay Region Elementary School. 

    We follow trustee, school committee and BEC meetings via newspaper articles and the meeting recordings on the AOS 98 website, so you may not see us in person every time, but we do care about the schools and appreciate all the hard work being done. 

    We support that our community’s kids need and deserve a decent learning environment. Currently uninsulated buildings are being heated with inefficient boilers which is wasteful, and students and educators are using storage closets as instructional offices as examples of poor conditions. Continued delays of multiple safety, facility, and educational issues will clearly lead to even greater deterioration of the elementary school as well as greater expense. The trustees recommend a “Yes” vote on April 24. 

    If you have questions, please take advantage of upcoming community hearings to ask your questions and get answers, as the vitality of this area depends on the quality of our schools. 

    Robin and Robert Jordan