letter to the editor

Implement new zoning for east side

Posted:  Monday, July 9, 2018 - 5:45pm

Dear Editor:

Boothbay Harbor is at a crossroads. In a couple of months, we will be need to vote to either accept or not accept a proposed new zoning ordinance on the east side of the harbor. This vote could well determine the future of the town we love. If we approve these changes then we open the door for new development on the east side that could bring more jobs and more tourism dollars to the town. If we do not approve these changes, then our fear is that the current trend of population decline will soon result in our schools closing, fewer young families living here and a decline in tourism as the existing properties continue to age without necessary improvements.

To us this is an easy decision with a clear answer. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to help Boothbay Harbor prosper by ensuring that we implement the zoning changes that the Planning Board's advisory group has recommended. These recommendations were thoughtfully developed by this group of concerned experts and need to be approved as quickly as possible.

Mike and Dimsie McBride

Boothbay Harbor