Hinson family donates 1927 auto to Boothbay Railway Village

Mon, 08/12/2019 - 8:45am

On Aug. 17, the Hinson family of Georgia, Pemaquid and Connecticut return to Maine, as they do annually, this time to donate a family treasure to the vintage car collection at the Boothbay Railway Village.

The Hinsons will attend a 5:30 p.m. ceremony at the Village to officially unveil and hand over the car, where it will be protected and cared for by Village’s Auto Committee — and will be enjoyed by many visitors for many years to come, which is their very reason for the donation.

Brenda Hinson, granddaughter of James Randolph Walden, is attending the event with her family: daughter Jamie Hinson Scribner, husband James, daughter Walden and son Reid; and daughter Jennifer Hinson Bamigboye and her husband, Tunde.

The Chevrolet’s history

James Pritchard Walden (1868-1943) and his wife Rosa Lee Harden Walden (1881-1936) bought the automobile new from a dealership in Douglas, Georgia. On their passing, their son James Randolph Walden, a gifted mechanic, took the car to his residence in Putney, Georgia where he lived with his wife Dena Harrison Walden and their three children, one of whom is Brenda Walden Hinson, who is donating the car today.

In addition to being a mechanic, James Randolph Walden was a marine and drove a school bus for Deerfield-Windsor School, an independent school in Albany. For many years, the kindergarten class at the school would come to his home for a field trip and ride around in the Chevrolet. In the 1990s, he restored the car to its original state, making sure all parts were original. He added no modern amenities to the car, wanting it to be just as it was when his parents purchased it almost 70 years before. He took the car to several car shows before he passed away in 2003.

Rather than keeping it in a garage, his daughter Brenda and her family decided to share it with the public,” so many could enjoy can this beautiful historical artifact.

“This car meant a great deal to my Papa (James R. Walden), and he would be so proud to know that it was being shown to people who appreciate old cars,” the first owner’s great-granddaughter, Jennifer Hinson Bamigboye said recently. “My great uncle Austell (James R. Walden's brother) was a devoted train enthusiast,” she noted. “So to have the ’27 in a museum that celebrates cars and trains is rather serendipitous.”

The Hinson connection to Maine began when Ronnie and Brenda (Walden) Hinson began traveling north from Georgia in the early 1990s. During family travels to Maine, the Hinson visited Colby College, which both of their daughters attended, Jamie (2002) and Jennifer (2007). The daughters married Colby graduates, Jamie's husband James Scribner in 1999, and Jennifer’s husband Tunde Bamigboye in 2007.

“After a few visits to other parts of Maine, my parents fell in love with New Harbor and Pemaquid Point,” added Jennifer, “and I remember celebrating my Papa's birthday in the carriage house at the Pemaquid Hotel in October of 1999. My parents eventually purchased a home in New Harbor in 2003. We all love this part of Maine so much and treasure our time here.”

An ideal place for a family treasure.

The Auto Museum

The 1926 Chevrolet Touring Phaeton joins the Museum’s Antique Automobile Exhibit of more than 60 vehicles on display. The cars and trucks on view date from 1902 – 1962 and illustrate technological advances numbers of Americans. Our collection also includes accessories that include vintage gas pumps, oil cans, service manuals, and other automotive ephemera.

Our Antique Auto Exhibit Attendants are happy to answer any questions you might have and if you time your visit right we might just be offering Model T rides on the day of your visit

The Hinson event is open to the public.