’Round Town


Wed, 09/14/2022 - 7:15am

The crunch is on! Businesses are in a corner for help. Many of the seasonal workers have departed. There are help wanted signs all over the place. Some operations have actually had to close due to lack of help. Signs requesting patience from customers can be seen on business entrance doors. It’s a tough situation, especially this time of year. Committed staff is often worn out and with less help, being asked to work more hours and more days.

The lack of help, however, in some circles has not gone unnoticed. Case in point, the recent Blue Moon episode revealed to me by Lindy Bragg of Calypso clothing on Commercial Street in the old Maine Trading Post building.

“Mitchell,” Lindy alerted me. “You might be interested in a remarkable happening next door. The seasonal staff has departed and the remaining staff isn’t going to be able to maintain the regular summer schedule. And guess what? People from the community volunteered to help keep the doors open! It’s amazing!”

Well, I thought so too. Never one to overlook a remarkable and supportive event I decided to stop by for a firsthand visit, and what I discovered was, it’s true. Local folks heard about the impact of lack of staff at the popular eatery, and volunteered to help keep the doors open.

It all started when a Blue Moon customer named Rodney (not included in photo), a recent transplant to the area, got wind of the situation. He said he would be happy to come in on a Saturday to help out. Then he signed on for Sunday, too, until Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples Day closing. The ownership shared this story with Connie Prince and she declared, “I have some free time, can I be a server?” Then, on another day, during a visit by July Hasch and her mother-in-law, Stephanie Conzelman (chief order taker) introduced Connie and shared her helping hand. July said, “Oh, that sounds like fun, can I come work on Labor Day?” She has worked an additional day since then. Then another customer heard about the wonderful kindnesses and asked to help.

Pretty neat stuff if you ask me. And their core staff at Blue Moon is over the moon and very grateful for the kindness and generosity. The full-time staff noted in this week’s photo is joined by a couple volunteers who happened to be around during my visit. Left to right we have July Hasch, Fred Munro (owner) Stephanie Conzelman, Connie Prince, Johnny Fuccello, and Adrian Ion. Not recognized would be friend Rodney and kitchen staff Dwight Lewis.

The whole experience brought to mind the famous Rolling Stones lyrics, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, well, you might find, you get what you need.” Mick Jagger will not be filling in!