The heart of the matter

Posted:  Monday, February 12, 2018 - 7:00am

The February Garden Therapy project brought to the Gregory Wing by members of the Boothbay Region Garden Club got right to the heart of the matter.  Though the group of residents was small for this event, the team helped those who were able to participate create a festive Valentine atmosphere to be enjoyed throughout the month by residents, their visiting families and friends. 

First, the crafters fashioned a colorful banner that began with pink, red and white paper tassels. Choosing from silly to sparkly stickers of hearts, flowers, bugs and animals, residents designed and decorated paper hearts that were attached between the tassels. The personalized banner, once completed, was hung across a window in the common area where it could be seen by all who enter the Gregory Wing. 

Next, the team lead the group through the making of individual Valentine cards that could be signed and handed out to visiting friends and family or collected into a prettily decorated "mailbox" to await the day that these special wishes would be distributed in-house to neighbors and/or staff. 

Lastly, the small but industrious group created colorful decorations to be hung on each resident's door making the holiday of love more meaningful for all.

Although some of the residents from Safe Havens were unable to participate due to illness, materials were shared with the unit for a community activity at a later date.

Garden Therapy helps augment the activity program lead by Jerie Phinney at St. Andrews  Village and is one of several committees within the Garden Club that reaches out to benefit the community. Contact Sandra Abernathy (633-0392) or Alice Schambra (633-7162) for more information on how to become a member of the Boothbay Region Garden Club.