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A healthy dish for a fan

Wed, 05/08/2019 - 7:00am

When I started writing this column, I knew people wouldn’t always agree with me. Well, last week I said I was going to write about fish but my baked stuffed haddock with Ritz crackers topped with lobster Newburg is far from healthy and will have to wait … so this dish is for one of my online readers, BoogieMan Roundabout. He or she has suggested that I should throw in a healthy dish every now and then. I couldn’t agree more. I have made lots of healthy dishes. I made a big salad with steak, lots of healthy soups, chicken and rice or noodle, or chicken in feta, just to name a couple, also a cauliflower steak which was amazing and tasty and healthy.

I love to cook everything so I’m going to do this healthy dish for our readers.

First, you can either use chicken or the other white meat, pork. I used lean boneless pork with very little fat. Take out your cast iron pan, add one tablespoon of EVO, heat up and add the pork. Throw on the spices: pepper, some garlic and onion powder, and very little salt or no salt. Brown on both sides. Cut up a big onion, chop, and top off the pork, add a cup of red wine and throw the whole pan in a heated oven at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.

Now, this rice recipe is an old Weight Watchers dish my mother did years and years ago. I love it and make it from time to time, using my rice cooker which I love. You set it and forget it, and they are cheap, as low as $25. I always use basmati rice; it’s light and good. I cook one cup of rice and two cups of water; I always add spices but you can add anything. Let it do its thing.

Now here’s the secret when done: Add a jar of salsa to it. Bingo, you have a tasty side dish. There are lots of different salsas out there so be crazy. I always top it off with a little bit of Parmesan cheese … makes you feel like you're cheating. Then add a veggie … I steamed some broccoli. Dash it with Mrs. Dash; yummy and once again salt free.

I’m a person who wants to do a good job at whatever I take a stab at. I’m old enough to take criticism with a grain of salt.

It’s getting warmer now so I’ll be sharing some of my grilling secrets, grilling healthy foods.

Soccer has been a huge success. Thank you for sharing your kiddos with me … big shout out to Dave, Jen, James, Christine and Ben. We are blessed to live in such an amazing peninsula. I honestly can’t think of a better way to start off my Saturday mornings.

Please keeping writing or sending me your suggestions.

Live, laugh and love. Cheers to a happy week.