Joy to the Wind

‘Green Man’ characters created by John M.T. Seitzer

Mon, 06/29/2020 - 7:30am

Story Location:
34 Atlantic Avenue
Boothbay Harbor  Maine  04538
United States

    A recent visitor to the art studio at Joy To The Wind, in these times of seclusion, has been the Green Man.  The first one appeared very naturally a few months ago, but has been followed by many others in quick succession.  
    These Green Men are even more “green” in the sense that they are created from cast off materials. John loves recycling and re-purposing things that others may not see potential in.
    Discoveries and “treasures” are often found at the local recycling center, thrift stores or at tag sales. The process for the Green Man assemblage sculptures starts there. After a somewhat random selection from his collected materials, He composes, shapes, designs, assembles and reassembles them. They are then glued, nailed, painted and made ready for display. It is at this stage that the Green Man may begin the task of inspiring rebirth, growth and renewal.
    Each androgynous “Green Man” has a distinct personality. You may have known or met someone that these characters are reminiscent of.  Someone who brings a smile or a fond memory to your present state of mind. A little levity goes a long way.
    Creating these 3-dimensional pieces has been cathartic for  the artist.  John says, “I see these Green Men as ‘Good Luck Charms.’ I hope they will take their place in other people’s homes and bring comfort and solace there.”
    In Celtic folklore, the Green Man is associated with rebirth, representing the cycle of growth every spring. With the time we have just experienced in isolation, it seems as if a little renewal might be in order for all of us!
    Several Green Man Characters will be on display at the Outdoor Open House during the First Friday Art Tour July 3 from 2-4 p.m. (weather permitting) All are welcome.  Please practice safe distancing and wear a mask.
    Joy To The Wind Gallery is located at 34 Atlantic Ave.,  Boothbay Harbor. The sculptures will also be viewable on their soon to be launched new website: For more information: 633-7025.