letter to the editor

Government is controlling

Mon, 02/20/2023 - 3:15pm

Dear Editor:

Rugged individualism is dead.

Government dependency replaced the very moral fiber on which Maine was founded. We have always paid our own bills.

Janet Mills has declared war on gas and oil, giving fuel to saturating us with handouts (our own $), dowsing our god given sense of self-reliance. Mills still blames Putin.

Go to the grocery store and look at the prices the president touts do not exist. Just two years ago, we were pulling our own weight after a government induced universal lock down.

Environmentalism as leviathan. Domestic production, stifled by global climate change, false scenario. China-R-US. Going all-electric equals going all People’s Republic of China. Cars, batteries, wind generators, solar panels, dangerous dependency.

Executive orders stripped away our rightful heating capabilities by eliminating viable resource choices. All this by illegal means under no established authority. No state’s executive has such powers. This is a contrived totalitarian move, plain and simple. Individuals produce personal growth and earned wealth, government programs depend on societal failure.

Janet Mills and the dominant party legislature did not build this surplus. The Fed printed and distributed dollars nationwide. Always remember, there is one political power ruling government that espouses, enraptures and promotes … socialism.

They have taken aim at the Constitution, the free market, the individual, the family.

Dave Gregg