letter to the editor

Fiber cable will benefit community

Mon, 06/13/2022 - 3:45pm

Dear Editor:

Since the big scare here in Southport seems to be centered around taxes and the impact of the fiber optic project, I should probably comment on that. (Who ever heard of a worthwhile endeavor that came free? Never mind.)

When I moved here from Bath 24 years ago, my tax bill to the Town of Southport was one fifth my bill to the City of Bath. One fifth! And that doesn’t even count water and sewer - hundreds more. Southport taxes were and are dirt cheap because of our conservative Select Board members. Yes, they have increased some. (Well we bought a beach didn’t we.) But they haven’t doubled even though inflation has reduced the value of the currency by 79% since 1998. Still pretty cheap.

The fact that those conservatives fully support the fiber cable project reaffirms my belief in the soundness of the project. I believe in capital improvement that will benefit the entire community, including those who do not currently have service.

Glenn Scott