letter to the editor

Feeling gypped

Mon, 06/10/2024 - 2:00pm

Dear Editor:

To me the blooming of lupine always symbolized the transition of yet another school year about to end and the heartwarming celebration of Grandparent’s/Grandfriend’s Day soon to take place. So, now being a grandparent and no longer a teacher who planned many of these special days, I anxiously awaited the announcement of this annual celebration that we used to plan with our students. Sadly, it never came.

Indeed, the end of the school year always is a whirlwind with busy end of the year schedules. However this day was such a cherished one, not only for the students but for their grandparents. I guess I would have to say I feel “gypped” not being able to sit in the audience, not having my grandchild extend their wave to me and take me back to their classroom to share their work from the year, not having that special community feeling that is so unique to our peninsula.

I cannot imagine that there might be other grandparents that feel the same sadness for the loss of this special day. Especially as we are in the midst of a world gone “undone,” perhaps this special day of compassion and connection could be reconsidered to bring back to our school community.

Kathy Hartley