Evelyn Andrews, new assistant to AOS 98 superintendent

Posted:  Wednesday, August 29, 2018 - 7:45am

Boothbay Region High School 1990 graduate Evelyn Andrews is the new executive assistant in the Alternative Organizational Structure (AOS) 98 superintendent’s office. She takes over for Mary Knapp, who now works in the Boothbay Region Elementary School office.

Andrews worked at Hannaford supermarket in Boothbay Harbor for 25 years and was associate relations manager when she made the big switch to AOS 98. Anyone who does not know her by name can probably recall seeing her at any number of events in the community, from United Way ones to Set for Success. Andrews said being out in the community is a passion and that Hannaford has always supported and encouraged that.

As the main human resources hub for Hannaford, Andrews’ former job had her responsible for much of the hiring and a good deal of face-to-face communication with people throughout the community.

“When you start hiring people that you went to high school with, that's when it started – 'Wow, I'm old!' I had a great time at Hannaford and I learned a lot. Hannaford really encouraged development in people, so I started by stocking shelves, worked my way around the store in every department besides meat and deli.”

Andrews said she has always had a job involving food ever since arriving on the peninsula as a sophomore in high school. Her parents owned a restaurant in Wiscasset and she has worked at a handful of restaurants in Boothbay Harbor.

“This position is very different,” said Andrews joking that lunch is no longer grabbing a sandwich from downstairs. “It was a great 25 years and I just saw an opportunity to work for an organization that is local … and it's great, but it will take some getting used to.”

Andrews said the job happened to come up at just the right time. She felt it was just time to move on, but it would have to be a local organization where she could make a different kind of impact in her community. The phone call telling her she got the administrative job caught her off guard.

“… I was getting ready to mow my lawn. I was like, 'Can you give me 15 minutes so I can just process this because this is a life-changing moment?'”

About three weeks into the job, Andrews said it has been fascinating to witness the “behind the scenes” of how the system prepares for the next school year. Used to seeing how the lunch habits of the community change once school starts, in the office it is like “Back to School” is its own holiday.

“People are at a fever pitch to get school ready … Everyone here has been great and, of course, I know a lot of the teachers, so it's fun when they come in and do a double take and say 'hi.'”

So, is she comfortable yet?

“No,” Andrews laughed. “But Dr. (Keith) Laser is also new, so it's also another great time to come in because we're both new … Once I get a year under my belt, it will be more comfortable because so many things change according to the month.”

Professing she is “not ready for the rocking chair yet,” Andrews said she has always enjoyed travel, a reminder that despite all the wonderful places in the world, she loves where she is from. She also loves music and going to concerts.

“That was the other thing about coming in here – everything was so quiet and I'm thinking 'Oh my gosh, these people aren't ready for me!'”

So the first thing she did was put on the radio because the background noise is key to productivity.

Andrews said she is excited for what the future holds for her at AOS 98 and asked how she feels about the “Hannaford will never be the same” sentiment shared by many in the community, Andrews said, “But I’m not all Hannaford, there are 100 other people who work in that building, too! … I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up, but this opportunity came along and, yeah, I love it. It’s a lot of fun.”