Joy to the Wind Gallery

‘Ebb and Flow’: John M.T. Seitzer seascapes 

Sat, 08/26/2023 - 2:00pm

Story Location:
34 Atlantic Avenue
Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538
United States

    The fierce beauty and drama of our rocky cliffs here in Maine are breathtaking. Water surges and splashes with each incoming wave. The  inhospitable surfaces are rough in spite of the continuum of  smoothing  ocean washes. Crevices and low spots become temporary  tide-pools. Sun baked rock dries at low tide. If you are close enough to get wet, the salt spray will stay on your skin after it dries.

    This is the Ebb and Flow of Maine’s beautiful and often forbidding coastline.
    Nearby Monhegan Island is a place where steep white and black rocky cliffs line the back side of the Island. Here you can listen to the rhythm of  the surf. Wind and swelling water rise and recede.. Crevices fill and empty...An orchestra of  powerful waters.
    As so many artists have been compelled to share what they experience in listening and watching these beautiful craggy shores.... John Seitzer is no exception. He has documented many of the stunning shorelines on Monhegan as well as other places in the area.
    Join him for a painters celebration of the “Ebb and Flow” Friday, Sept. 1 from 5 to 7 p.m. at Joy To The Wind Gallery, 34 Atlantic Ave. in Boothbay Harbor. Works from this exhibit will be on display through September. Open daily 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Call 207-633-7025 (landline) or visit for more information.