Down East Yacht Club

Posted:  Tuesday, November 14, 2017 - 10:00am

The first order of business on Saturday morning, Nov. 11 was attending important celebratory ceremonies for our veterans at the Southport and Boothbay Harbor libraries and other designated meeting places. Soon after, DEYC members John and Sharon Ryan were preparing their home for the second DEYC monthly off-season get-together scheduled for 1700 hours.

As the guests began arriving at the Isle of Springs Road residence of John and Sharon Ryan, many reminders of last week’s wind storm marked Lakeside Drive in both directions. Evidence of Mother Nature’s immense power greeted travelers for miles along the way. Enormous trees were uprooted or destroyed, dragging telephone poles, power lines and tree limbs to the ground where most were scattered along the roadside, resembling a large game of 52 pick-up sticks gone entirely wrong. Once again we were all mindful of the generous assistance from neighbors, local families and organizations during times of need.

Merriment was the theme inside the gorgeous home while the massive dining table was a stunning masterpiece of culinary distinction highlighted by a beautiful sliced ham surrounded by a smorgasbord of delicacies. Their festive home was open and welcoming to the DEYCers and guests happy to be sharing time on this Saturday evening in November.

The atmosphere was cozy as 50 to 60 eager yacht clubbers shared camaraderie, stories and plans for the upcoming holidays while enjoying luscious appetizers and desserts and favorite beverages for more than two hours at the Ryan’s home on Sawyers Island. Small huddles of people gathered around focal points ranging from personal injuries to collegiate football.

John and Sharon thanked everybody for making the effort to attend their gathering. Commodore Susan Pope thanked the Ryans for their hospitality and made announcements regarding upcoming events in Maine and Florida. All members should have received dues invoices via email in early October. Also members will receive email flyers regarding upcoming events. Clean up was once again a group effort as guests began dispersing after two hours of fun.

The next planned DEYC gathering is the Christmas Party which will be held at the Daniel Coast Bar and Grill Restaurant in Brunswick on Dec. 9.