Down East Yacht Club

Wed, 01/25/2023 - 11:30am

Thirty-five to 40 DEYC members found the home of Tom and Laura Blake, Hendricks Hill Road, Southport, Maine, to be the perfect location for the first 2023 DEYC Off-Season gathering.

Laura met every guest with her warm smile and Tom had set a glowing fire in the gorgeous fireplace. Tom proudly tells of his father’s masonry skills displayed in building the fireplace that occupies an entire wall of the living room. Roland Sherman voluntarily made sure there was a supply of “dry firewood” for the fire.

Members provided a variety of delicious food offerings that covered two large tables and a portion of the kitchen counter. Choices included finger foods, dips, meats and seafood, special recipes, gourmet servings, and assorted deserts.

As the party progressed, folks took advantage of the opportunity to mingle and engage in conversation. Club members shared news of lucky fiends enjoying a warmer climate, in Florida while others talked of some recent skiing fun.

Long-term DEYC Board member Carole McCarthy thanked the Blakes for hosting the gathering and introduced new club and prospective members who were in attendance. Carole encouraged the members present to check out the DEYC website with current pictures of our members in Florida. A number of members posted pictures and stories of their adventurous voyages on the Atlantic as they braved their trip south themselves. She touted the DEYC website as a great place to stay current of the latest club news and activities.

The February club party in Maine will be hosted by Michael Scannon in Bayville. The above picture was taken at Tom and Laura Blake’s home on January 21.

The second picture was taken at the home of Ken Culbert and Kate Hinrich at their Port Charlotte home when they hosted the Florida DEYC party in January.

Both groups look pretty happy! We hope to see many of you at the February parties!