Down East Yacht Club

Christmas party held
Mon, 12/19/2022 - 4:00pm

Hosts, Commodore Brent Pope and P/C Susan Pope with co- hosts, V/C Aaron and Suzanne Rugh spent significant time organizing the DEYC 2022 Christmas Party. Several previous successful DEYC Christmas Parties galor, including last year’s celebration, were held at the Watershed Tavern in Edgecomb … so why not do it again.

The Watershed Tavern, located on the waters of the Sheepcote River in Edgecomb, was again a perfect choice. The proprietors were amenable to our requests for menu selections and seating arrangements. The staff were pleasant, accommodating, and eager to help. The baristas were knowledgeable, efficient and generous.

Our DEYC store was conveniently located adjacent to the check-in counter. R/C Kristin King and husband Dan had artfully displayed new and favorite DEYC Store items for purchase. They do make “wonderful Christmas presents!”

An extended social hour preceded a scrumptious meal of either a beef, salmon or chicken selection. We were treated to the musical and vocal talents of renowned local musician and vocalist, Dave Gagne during the interim!

Commodore Brent Pope welcomed all DEYC members and guests. He then introduced Past Commodores, members of the current Bridge, Board Members, the Club’s Administrative Assistant, and new DEYC members in attendance.

The premier amusement for the evening was a much anticipated “Gift Swap” conducted by R/C Kristin King and her elves! Each new present drew rowdy cheers from the crowd! The most coveted of the gifts (selective beverages and blends) were so popular that they were “swapped” numerous times before finally landing with the luckiest recipient.

As the evening turned to night time, DEYC members departed; some for local dwellings, others to hotel reservations and other lucky couples to the warmer climates of the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida. The evening concluded with a “Thank You Ovation and a Merry Christmas to All!

We now look forward to our monthly gatherings in Maine and Florida!