Down East Yacht Club

Off-season party held
Mon, 12/06/2021 - 8:15am

First, I apologize to the DEYC membership for the absence of DEYC news.

On Saturday, Nov. 13, DEYC members gathered for a fun evening of sharing conversation and culinary favorites at the beautiful home of new DEYC members, Jen Ross and Steve Marin, located at 18 Chimes Lane, West Boothbay Harbor. Their stunning home, designed by Jen and constructed by Steve is expertly located on their incredibly attractive lot. The group was delighted by a gorgeous sunset on the east side of the “Townsend Gut” just south of the Southport bridge.

The group numbered 38 DEYC members and guests who were eager to socialize and enjoy the conversations and wonderful elegances provided by the gracious hosts and guests. The center of attention on the extensive menu of delicate dishes was a delectable platter of a variety of select cheeses prepared by Jen. Steve also spent time sautéing in the kitchen preparing a special “spicy shrimp dish.” As always, the options of necessary vitamins offerings constituted a potpourri of “potable favorites.”

At an opportune time in the evening Vice Commodore Brent Pope addressed the assembly with progress on the Summer Cruise. And after a short reprieve, Brent returned to the podium to remind people of the deadline to register for the Christmas Party and select their menu.choices.

The topic of many enthusiastic conversations was the up-coming Annual DEYC Christmas Party. This year the site for the celebratory gathering will be Water’s Edge in Edgecomb. Christmas Party co-hosts Commodore Jeanne Koenig and Bob Ewing partnered with P/C Susan & V/C Brent Pope to plan a great program of food and merriment. Whispers have it that a ‘Jolly old Elf” will make an appearance at the highly anticipated ‘Christmas Swap!” This, of course, is dependent on Rudolph’s health and cooperation.