Donor book awards presented at BRHS

Thu, 06/10/2021 - 2:30pm

District Librarian Kerrin Erhard began her presentation of the Boothbay Region High School Donor Book Awards on June 9 during the annual Awards Night by quoting Donalyn Miller: “Reading changes your life. Reading unlocks worlds unknown or forgotten, taking travelers around the world and through time. Reading helps you escape the confines of school and pursue your own education.”

“It is my pleasure to present the Frances D. Aley Donor Book Awards,” said Erhard. “It is because of the generosity of our community that we are able to give out these awards every year. We give thanks to the many donors who contributed to this year’s program. With each book given to a student, a book is also added to our library collection. To receive a donor book is to be recognized for excellence in academic achievement.”

The following are the underclassmen book award recipients:

Students being honored for their work in Advanced Placement classes are: Emerson Harris for AP Calculus AB, Lucas Hardwick for AP Language and Composition, Emerson Harris for AP Literature and Composition.

The English Language Arts Department would like to honor the following: Rodion Mayne for English 9, Mariah Andrews for English 10, Finn Harkins for CP English 9, Rachel Barter for CP English 10, Emilie Crocker for English 11, Nora Conlin for English 11, Jordan Carrier for CP English 11, Katerina Nein for CP English 11, Zachary Rollins for Contemporary Literature.

Health and Fitness is honoring the following: Grace K. Campbell for Health.

The Theater and Arts Department would like to honor: Rodion Mayne for Introduction to Art and Suzanna Edwards for Chorus.

The Foreign Language Department would like to honor the following: Jason Michael for Spanish I, Rachel Barter for Spanish II,  Jordan Chamness for French I, Grace Campbell for French II / III, Courtney Leckie for German II / III.

For their work in Mathematics, the following students are being honored: Josani Farmer for Pre-Algebra, Robert Shaw for Algebra I, Finn Harkins for Algebra II, Samuel Page for Calculus, Jordan Chamness for Geometry, Mariah Andrews for Geometry, Rachel Barter for Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry, Matthew Sullivan for SAT Prep.

The Science Department would like to honor the following students: Gryffin Kristan for Honors Biology, Ashton McLellan for Biology, Rachel Barter for CP Biology, Jason Michael for Chemistry, Emma Markowitz for CP Chemistry, Margret Sledge for CP Freshman Science, Gavin Carlson for Meteorology, Lucas Hardwick for Physics.

For their work in Science and Technology the following students are being honored: Gabriel Barter for Computer Programming, Ariel Alamo for Introduction to Digital Technology, Rodion Mayne For Intro to Engineering, Lucien Moreau for Robotics, Ryan Clark for Furniture, Jaelyn Crocker for Making and Marketing.

The Social Studies Department would like to honor the following: Rachel Barter for Holocaust and Human Rights, Kailee Campbell for US History, Otto Schoenthal for CP US History, Brett Smith for World History, Maya Pangburn for CP World History.

Book awards for seniors: Kylie Brown for AP Calculus BC, Isabel Harkins for AP Psychology, Cortney Meader for Recent History and Literature, Emma Brewer for British Literature, Benjamin Pearce for Senior Capstone, Haley Abbott for Team Sports, Cody Field for Health and Fitness, Jameson LaBrecque for Sculpture and Jewelry, Emma Brewer for Spanish III / IV, Jonah Zipperer for German III / IV, Deakon Harrington for Business & Integrated Math, Isabel Harkins for Probability and Statistics, Cortney Meader for Anatomy and Physiology, Nathan Chatterton for CP Physics, Mason Erhard for CAD Prototyping, Jameson LaBrecque for Musical Instruments, Emma Brewer for Modern European History, Glory Blethen for Personal Finance, Jasmine Lewis for US Government & Civics and the Principal’s Choice book award goes to Benjamin Pearce.