Down East Yacht Club

DEYC at The Mulholland’s Aug. 5

Wed, 08/16/2023 - 9:45am

One of the two DEYC gatherings at members’ homes was hosted by Jane and Dana Mulholland at 53 Solon Road in Southport. The event was scheduled for three to five in the afternoon. The property sits on a hill with a wonderful view of lovely Christmas Cove looking out onto Sequin Island and beyond. The hosts have dock space and a mooring just down a path through the woods. Members Ed and Marlene Lawton, and guests were the single boat that arrived via water.

Two large, decorated tables placed at the edge of the lawn were soon overloaded with delights of all kinds. And the trusty ‘Woody Wagon” offered soft drinks, beer, and wine for the guests.

The weather provided a delightful afternoon. The lawn was soon filled with lawn chairs and the three tables on the deck provided some umbrella shade for many couples. After two hours of fun, food and socializing Commodore Brent Pope closed the party with several announcements including last call.

Wishing calm seas and wind at your back!