letter to the editor

Decision time: Vote for Rosemary

Posted:  Monday, April 15, 2019 - 5:30pm

Dear Editor:

Why, you ask, should you vote for Rosemary Bourette? There are many, many reasons.

She has lived in this region for over 40 years. She is not quite a “local” by very close.

She has raised her children here, both attending and graduating from Boothbay Region High School.

She and her husband, George, ran a very successful restaurant, The Carriage House, for year. She knows what it is to work hard and meet a payroll.

Rosemary works diligently to preserve the history of Boothbay Harbor and  is also preparing for a very optimistic future, one of great prosperity.

Rebuilding and reconstructing our school system, our infrastructure, and creating affordable low income housing for families is a priority of hers, as are promoting small business and year-round opportunities for enhancement of the peninsula.

She is a member of many boards and groups acting as director and past president.

Rosemary does not have a special agenda; she is not involved in “special interest” groups. Her special interest is the future of Boothbay Harbor, the preservation of the lobster fishing industry and finding a way to bring together the opposing groups in the harbor to make a concerted effort to better our town.

Why am I voting for Rosemary? She is capable, intelligent, smart and will to give her all to the betterment of Boothbay Harbor and its residents. She has a positive, quiet demeanor that will be an asset to  the Boothbay Harbor Board of Selectmen.

Jack Cogswell

The Whale’s Tale/Carousel Marina