December property transfers

Fri, 01/10/2020 - 7:15am

The Lincoln County Registry of Deeds provided the following information on property transfers recorded in December:

Alna: Frost, Simon and Frost, Jane to Diprima, Francesca; Peele, Michelle to Budde, Scott and Cole, Charlotte F.;  Fossel, Judith W. to Wiscasset Waterville & Farmington Railroad;  Museum; Alna Inhab Of to Diprima, Francesca; Libby, Leeanna Tr., Frances G Hutchings Revocable Trust, Hutchings, Frances G. Revocable Trust and Hutchings, Fred H. II Tr. to Hutchings, George H. Jr.

Boothbay: Whiting, James H. and Whiting, Velma K. to Whitney, Nichole A. and Fitzgerald, Caleb N.; Bigelow, Jonathan L. and Bigelow, Mariann E. to Bigelow, Mariann E. Tr., Mariann E. Bigelow Revocable Trust and Bigelow, Mariann E. Revocable Trust; MTT 2010 Qualified Personal Residence Trust For Joshua, Mason, Geoffrey M. Tr. and Tosteson, Magdalena T. Tr. to Schaffner, Elizabeth; Tosteson, Magdalena T. Tr. and MTT Realty Trust to Schaffner, Elizabeth; O'Connell, M. John, O'Connell, Sandra J. and O'Connell, Clare A. to O'Connell, Kristin L.; Cooper, Christopher Gerald P R and Cooper, Patricia D. Est. to Cooper, Christopher Gerald Tr., Cooper, Jeffrey George Tr., Patricia Davis Cooper Living Trust and Cooper, Patricia Davis Living Trust; Cooper, Christopher Gerald Tr., Cooper. Jeffrey George Tr., Patricia Davis Cooper Living Trust and Cooper, Patricia Davis Living Trust to Cooper, Jeffrey George and Cooper, Tammy Marie; Petersen, Albert C. and Petersen, Janet H. to Farnham, Point Association; Hodgdon, John D. and Hodgdon, Judith A. to Hodgdon, John D, Hodgson, Judith A., Hodgdon, Melissa L., Hodgdon, John D. and Hodgdon, Judith A.; Morton, Ernest III and Morton, Melissa M. to Barter, Stanley Warren Jr.; Jimenez, Ann Marie Tr., Joseph S. Thurin Irrevocable Trust, Thurin, Teri Tr., Dolores A. Thurin Irrevocable Trust, Thurin, Joseph S. Irrevocable Trust and Thurin, Dolores A. Irrevocable Trust to Rinella, Joanne, Thurin, Teri and Jimenez, Ann Marie; Lorrain, Donna and Lorrain, Donna Lee Hamilton to Lorrain, Donna Tr., Donna Lorrain Living Trust and Lorrain, Donna Living Trust; Davis, Leigh P. and Davis, Pamela A. to Nicholson, Mark C.; Baldwin Realty Inc. to Cameron, Clan Snack Co. LLC; Giles, Sarah E. P R and Gregory, Philip O. III Est to Hawke, Lelia R.; Barbour, Todd A. to Barbour, Tani M. Tr., Tani M. Barbour Trust Agreement and Barbour, Tani M. Trust Agreement; Stimson, David to Frantz, Cameron K. and Frantz, Lindsay A.;  Turner, Erika P R and Pruett, Donald J. Est. to Turner, Erika and Pruett, Tyler; Lewis, Troy D. and Lewis, Trina L. to Leavitt, Earl F. Jr.; Lewis, Troy D. and Lewis, Trina L. to Egan, Raymond C.;  Jacobs, Maily Kristina Roberts Tr., Roberts, Jacobs Maily Kristina Tr., Roberts, Jacobs Maily K. Tr. and Jacobs, Maily K. Roberts Tr. to Roberts, Jacobs Maily Kristina Tr., Jacobs, Maily Kristina Roberts Tr., Roberts, Jacobs Revocable Living Trust and Jacobs, Roberts Revocable Living Trust; Hallowell, Milton L. to Hallowell, Sacoma Trail Legacy LLC; Foster, Webster Adam P R, Webster, Adam Foster P R and Webster, Arthur D. Est. to Foster, Webster Adam, Foster, Webster Areth, Webster, Adam Foster and Webster, Areth Foster; Gagnon, Don and Gagnon, Deborah to Brown, Maria; PGC5 LLC to Boothbay Region Ambulance Service and Boothbay Region Ambulance Service Inc.

Boothbay Harbor: PGC8 LLC to Joseph D. Doyle Living Trust, Doyle, Joseph D. Living Trust and Doyle, Joseph D. Tr.; Stevenson, Anastasia M. to O'Sullivan Properties LLC; McGarry, Roderick A and McGarry, Michele A to McGarry, Roderick A. III Tr, Roderick A. McGarry III Revocable Living Trust and McGarry, Roderick A. III Revocable Living Trust; Ingrassia, Michael and Ingrassia, Christina L. to Piper, Douglas J. and Piper, Pamela J.; Pinkham, Harry L. to Lewis, Bonnie Davis and Lewis, Daniel Craig; Gilchrist Peter M. and Gilchrist, Nancy A. to Chen, Jie; Tibbetts, Mark Jr. to Tibbetts, Marilyn; Sherman, Paul M. and Sherman, Joni R. to Hartt, Kenneth L. Jr. and Hartt, Linda E.; Habel, Dorothy M. Tr., Blane, Dianne M. Tr., Blane and Hable Revocable Trust and Hable and Blane Revocable Trust to Blane, Dianne M. and Habel, Dorothy M.;  Blane, Dianne M. and Habel, Dorothy M. to Boothbay Region Land Trust; Tibbetts, Marilyn, Tibbetts, Mark C., Tibbetts, Michael R. and Tibbetts, Richard to Tibbetts, Marilyn; McGee, Robert E. and McGee, Heidi C. to Hill High Sea Star LLC; McGee, Robert E. and McGee, Heidi C. to 161 McKown LLC.

Dresden:  Dresden Inhab Of to Deer, Patricia A.; Libby, Todd A. and Libby, Alisa E. to Hall, Fred A.; Creamer, Esther L. P R and Creamer, Richard Leroy Est. to Creamer, Esther L.; Carlson, April A. to Delgaudio, Anthony J.; Crocker, Paula J. to Crocker, Evan C.; Hatch, Dexter H. and Hatch, Mary R. to Doray, Sabrina Ashlee; Post, Christopher to Simpson, Teresa M.; Chase, Olive Iris Joy and Chase, Kenneth A. to Chase, Jeffrey S. and Chase, Barbara J.; Chase, Jeffrey S. and Chase, Barbara J. to Manion, Jason M. and Manion, Joan B.; Stone, Gail S. and Stone, Stephen M. to Christiansen, Eric Scott; Dudley, Catherine S. to Jaffe, Helen E.; Smith, Gerald H. to Smith, Stephen P. and Smith, Constance L.

Edgecomb: Midcoast Gateway LLC to Frisone, Sherrie; Lewis, Daniel Craig and Lewis, Bonnie Davis to Hibbard, Melanie L. and Lewis, Daniel Craig; Fabiano, Benedict to Bishop, Virginia H.  and Bishop, George R. Jr.; HSBC Bank USA National Association Tr. and Structured Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan Trust Mortgage Pass Through Certificate to Hoyt, Joseph; Kennebec Traders LLC to Iceberg Properties LLC; Floyd, Marjorie P R and Jackson, Nathaniel Andrews Est. to Floyd, Marjorie A. Tr., Elisabeth J. Rose Irrevocable Trust and Rose, Elisabeth J. Irrevocable Trust.                  

Southport: Gamage, Gerald W. and Gamage, Valarie A. to Bardo, Brittney Morgan and Bardo, Jon Clinton; Freeman, Noah R. to Freeman, Hannah H.; Schmitt, Karen Werner to Schmitt, Karen Werner Tr., Karen Werner Schmitt Trust and Schmitt, Karen Werner Trust; Gray, Alice E., Little, Martha L. and Little, Martha L. Gray to Bateman, Martha and Drouin, Alfred; Tanner, John and Ivey, Richard Marshall to Hendricks Hill LLC.

Westport Island: Kuerzel, Darlene Austin, Freeman, Ann A., Austin, Harry O. Jr. and Austin, Jerre D. to Kennebec Estuary Land Trust; Sullivan, Michael D. and Sullivan, Susan L. to Ison, Danny R., Ison, Debra H. and Exchange Professionals LLC; Federal National Mortgage Association and Alexander, Fleming E. to Gervais Homes LLC; Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company to Kennebec Estuary Land Trust; Richardson George D. III to Jewett Cove Revocable Trust.

Wiscasset: Maine State Credit Union, Stockford, Constance Est. and Delong, Vicki L. P R to Barnes, Shawn; Stepanek, Keri Lynn to Apczynski, John V. and Apczynski, M. Elaine; Holbrook, Gail C. P R, Connors Kenneth William Est. and Connors, Kenneth W. Est. to Stevens, Braxton Hatfield; Sinclair, Matthew J. and Sinclair, Amy S. to Rose, Cassaundra and Rose, Thatcher; Morse, Richard V. to Puterbaugh, Tiffany E. and Puterbaugh, James M.; Greene, Patricia H. and Greene, George M. to Gagnon, Peter M. and Gagnon, Bethany M.; Swett, Velma M. to Walter, Philip M. and Fox, Rebecca; Gagnon, Peter M. and Gagnon, Bethany M. to Talcott, William, Talcott, Wendy McGovern, McGovern, Talcott Wendy and Talcott, Courtney L.; Wiscasset Inhab Of to Jones, Susan D.; Blagden, Susan Lowndes to Lincoln County Inhab Of; Swanson, Karin to Dorsey, Matthew W.; Doyle, Elizabeth Elaine P R, Doyle, Marie Elaine Est., Heanue, Marie Elaine Est and Doyle, Marie E. Est. to Jarvis, Leah P.; Wahlstrom, James D. and Wahlstrom, Susan M. to Noble Maine LLC; Craig, Glen T. and Craig, Sandra J. to Tobias, Mark R. and Tobias, Lauren S.; Blagdon, John L. IV, Kathy M. Blagdon Revocable Living Trust and Blagdon, Kathy M. Revocable Living Trust to Blagdon, John L. IV; Dunkling, Paul Tr., Hazel E. Dunkling Revocable Trust and Dunkling, Hazel E. Revocable Trust to Clark, Janice, Addis,  Deborah, Fortin,  Karen, Pike, Mary and Dunkling, Paul A.; Stacy, Mary E. Est., Murphy, Michelle Carrier P R and Sturgeon, Barry P R to Halvarson, Rich and Pezzulo, Eric J.; Jamieson, Eve A. to IIWII LLC; Knight, Marjorie M. to Knight, Marjorie M. and Knight, Stacey D.; Lord, Frances A. P R and Lord, Robert A. Est to Cochran, Barbara T.