Lincoln County Commissioners

Commissioners approve hires, military leave

Approve Boothbay satellite office for sheriff
Posted:  Wednesday, April 18, 2018 - 8:15am

Lincoln County Commissioners on Tuesday approved a military leave of absence for Scott Peterson, a sheriff’s deputy who is also a member of the National Guard, so he can attend helicopter flight school. Peterson may be gone 12-18 months and will then have to attend the Police Academy before resuming duties at the Sheriff’s Office.

Commissioners approved the temporary hire of Alonzo J. Connor as a patrol deputy during Peterson’s absence. An offer of employment will also be made to former animal control officer Julie Groleau, who moved to Florida and then returned. She will be a transport and court security deputy. These hires should bring the sheriff’s office to full employment before summer.

A proposal to create a satellite office in the Boothbay Town Hall received commissioners’ approval. Chief Deputy Rand Maker said having an office in Boothbay would be most helpful during the summer months, when moving around Wiscasset is particularly difficult. The office will be housed in the harbormaster’s office, where there is extra space.

Two more car video systems will be purchased, leaving only one vehicle without car video. The systems will also come with two body cameras Maker said will provide a chance to work out the kinks in any new system before buying more.

Commissioners agreed to increase the amount Kennebec County towns pay in their new communications contracts by 4.7 percent, the amount Lincoln County’s taxes are increasing for communications; gave the Emergency Management Agency permission to spend $15,914.41 in Homeland Security funds for digital mobile radios for the communications center and the EMA; and gave the planning office permission to work with the Department of Transportation for some small planning contracts; the largest is for $10,698 to address multi-modal and trail development along the Routes 129/130 corridor from Damariscotta to South Bristol and Pemaquid. Another addresses bike/pedestrian and high crash area safety for $7,500; a third addresses general technical support for town road development for $7,500; and the last will go to Americans with Disabilities Act planning for $4,500, especially planning at crosswalks and sidewalks.

The 2018 orthoimagery project, which will take aerial images of the entire county, is scheduled to begin May 15. The final products should be available between Aug. 30 and Oct. 15. Towns which had requested products from last year but did not receive them because the weather conditions did not permit the planes to fly every day will receive their products first this year.