Coastal Senior College class on optimal brain health at Lincoln Home

Tue, 02/11/2020 - 7:30am

Steve Raymond, marketing director at Lincoln Home, kicked off the first class of an eight-week series on optimal brain health at The Lincoln Home. It was a full house with 26 students spiritedly engaged in Steve's presentation on computerized cognitive training with BrainHQ, and the work of neuroscientist Michael Merzenich of Posit Sciences Corporation. A video of Dr. Merzenich for the Spotlight on Seniors show was shown which prompted good discussions.

According to Raymond, “There is solid scientific research on the many steps aging individuals can take to improve brain health and cognitive function, and it is my great pleasure to share actionable information from nationally recognized physicians and neuroscientists with our Midcoast Maine community. The class seemed to verify that there is something positive to talk about in the generally difficult and painful narrative on aging and dementia.”

The next class series will start Thursday, April 9. To be added to the notification list, contact Steve by email:, or 563-3350.