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Cheese with cauliflower (no mac!)

Wed, 06/05/2019 - 10:30am

Whoohoo, what an awesome weekend! My twinners and I bought a Highlander Scotty camper  (we think the year is 1969) and we attended my cousin Paula Reny Warford’s vintage campers weekend at Shore Hills Campground. OMG, what a bunch of beauties. We met the nicest and most helpful people. Good times all around. Thank you Paula, and Neal and Jean Reny. I am so looking forward to next year.

My hubby and I are trying different things so I did some playing around with cauliflower. I made a cheese sauce with one and a half cups of extra sharp and one and a half cups of Havarti cheese, two cans of evaporated milk, as well as one tablespoon each of pepper, celery salt and onion powder. I used two heads of cauliflower.

With your cheese sauce, add your cheese in slowly to the milk and it will thicken right up. Cook (boil or steam) your cauliflower (make sure you don’t overcook, you don’t want mush).

Now here’s the hard part — you really need to get all the moisture out of your cooked cauliflower. I put mine on paper towels to soak all the water out. If you don’t dry it well, it will be watery.

Now put your dry cauliflower in a greased casserole dish and add your cheese sauce … you could add Ritz crackers or a Chex mix cereal on the top. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

It’s so stinking good and easy. I also sautéd some prosciutto (two strips) in EVO and chopped up fresh asparagus for a side — also delicious. Enjoy!

I want to say congratulations to all of our graduating seniors. They have a busy week in front of them. I really hope they take advantage of all the special things our town does for them; it’s a pretty special place we live in!

You will never forget the making of awesome memories. Spread your wings and be safe and please never forget where you come from.