CG Auxiliary Flotilla 25 releases 2018 vessel safety check schedule

Posted:  Thursday, June 7, 2018 - 7:45am

Ever notice that “free” isn’t always free? There’s “free” as in, “buy three tires get the fourth one free,” or, “Free… just pay shipping and handling.” And then there’s “really free” as in, “it’s all yours, no obligation, no purchase necessary, no hidden fees and there are no strings attached.”

Vessel Safety Checks (VSC’s) performed by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary are not only really free, they may actually save you money and may even save your life.

It’s the time of year when recreational boaters, including kayakers and paddle boarders, are getting ready to head out, solo or with the family, for a summer on some of the most beautiful and challenging waters in America. Before leaving the dock, it’s a smart plan to make sure everything required for safety and legal compliance is onboard and in good shape. A VSC by the C.G. Auxiliary checks all the safety equipment required by state and federal laws as well as the easy to overlook items like registration or documentation paperwork.

The results of the VSC are confidential, only the boat owner will receive a list of items that require attention, repair or replacement. The items covered in the VSC are the same items that will be checked by the Coast Guard or state marine enforcement agencies if you’re stopped or boarded. Having everything on board, operational and in good condition may save you money by avoiding a fine for issues like expired flares, inoperative navigation lights or not enough life jackets for all on board.

Plus, finding out before an emergency that a vital piece of safety gear is missing or inoperative could save your life. Fortunately, there’s a really free way to avoid finding yourself in those circumstances. VSCs take only a few minutes and may pay big dividends in terms of safety and peace of mind.

CG Auxiliary Flotilla 25 in Boothbay Harbor has VSC events scheduled in June and early July at marinas throughout the area. If you can’t make it to one of the scheduled events, you can make an appointment for a VSC. Visit, click: “I Want a VSC” and follow the simple instructions.

The 2018 Flotilla 25 VSC schedule:

New Meadows - June 16

Carousel Marina - June 17

Brown`s Marina - June 17

Kennebec Tavern - June 17

Foggy Bottom - June 23

Robinhood Marina - June 23

Tugboat Marina - June 24

Ocean Point Marina - June 30

Hodgdon Yacht Services - July 8

Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club - Upon request - Points of contact will be posted at the club

Exams will be performed from 0900-1200 unless otherwise posted