Capturing sunsets with photography

Wed, 08/26/2015 - 4:00pm

    Everyone loves seeing a beautiful sunset. Local professional photographer Michael Leonard has been teaching people how to capture those sunsets on film or digitally.

    Leonard has been teaching a sunset class this summer at the Lobster Dock on Atlantic Avenue in Boothbay Harbor as part of his “Photo Tourism” project.

    "The idea is simple: people visit the area, they learn how to make their best shot with their own cameras and get postcard quality pictures. Then they post those images to social media, show to friends and family and co-workers who then take an interest to visit the area," said Leonard, who has shared many of his own photos for publication in this newspaper and its website.

    "Everyone travels with a camera these days — and businesses would do well to embrace that fact and to offer photography-related events to help people make their best shots to take home," said Leonard. "Photo programs are a great fit for many different businesses including restaurants, inns, motels, cruise lines and more. Adding the photography element to the Windjammer Days cruise again this year made for a full boat of photographers who got the very best shots of the Maine Windjammer fleet under full sail."

    If other businesses are interested in attracting people with cameras or running a photo program, Leonard said he would welcome being contacted at

    Leonard said he is planning another sunset class at the Lobster Dock in September, which will be announced in this newspaper.