BRHS working to celebrate its graduating seniors

Donations welcomed for planned banners, lawn signs
Wed, 04/22/2020 - 4:30pm

    Boothbay Region High School administrators have been discussing ideas on how best to celebrate and honor the 2020 graduating seniors, since a graduation ceremony may be canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak and the social distancing order will be in place for an unknown amount of time.

    One idea going forward is to raise money for the design and purchase of banners and lawn signs honoring each BRHS senior.

    “We have worked with small Maine businesses to design lawn signs and banners honoring each student,” said acting BRHS principal Trish Campbell via email. “Each student will have a banner with their senior photo that will hang in Boothbay Center, welcoming folks into the region. Then there will be a set of lawn signs in front of the school and each parent will receive a sign for their homes. In addition to these signs, we will post signs and banners throughout Boothbay Harbor. We want folks everywhere in the community to recognize and celebrate our children’s success.” Campbell has been working with Dean of Students Allan Crocker and the guidance office staff on this project and others.

    “This is a unique and special time in the lives of these young men and women. The Class of 2020 has been impacted in a way that cannot be repaired or recaptured, but we can work to create an experience and recognition that are uniquely theirs. They are incredibly special members of our school family and the larger community. We want to celebrate them however we can,” said Campbell.

    She said she has received positive response from Boothbay’s and Boothbay Harbor’s town managers, parents of seniors and BRHS alumni on helping with the cost of the banners and signs, which Campbell estimates to be around $5,000.

    People or businesses willing to help with costs should make checks payable to BRHS and send to: 236 Townsend Ave., Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538, attention: Tricia Campbell.

    As far as a graduation ceremony is concerned, Campbell said administrators are working on “Plan A, Plan B, etc. to identify some way we might be able to celebrate.” Campbell said she has contacted Lincoln County Emergency Management Agency and will be monitoring things at the state level moving forward.

    “I have heard from many locals who want to do anything and everything we can to let the Class of 2020 know how much we love them and how proud we are of each of them! This is an incredibly special community and these are incredibly special kids,” said Campbell.

    This article has been updated from its original posting.