BRHS’s McDonald’s senior all stars through the years

Fri, 03/13/2020 - 10:00am

Boothbay Region High School boys varsity basketball coach I.J. Pinkham, who has announced that he will not be returning to the Seahawk bench for another year for the first time since 1977, has coached hundreds of players during his nearly 50 years of coaching. Some of those players he also coached in the Maine McDonald’s Senior All-Star games. Pinkham volunteered to coach several of the Class C-D all-star teams over the 40 years the fundraising games have existed.

The Maine Association of High School Basketball Coaches has on its website a listing of the boys and girls who have participated in the games since 1981 (the girls played as combined Class A-B-C-D teams, East and West, in 1982 and 1983, then changed to the boys’ four-team format in 1984).

We went through the list of BRHS players who have been bestowed the honor of being chosen to play in the games, a fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House facilities in Maine.

Do you know who was BRHS’s first McDonald’s senior all-star? It was Tim Rice, who went into teaching and coaching locally, and Coach Pinkham was a co-coach of that team in 1981.

How about the first girl all-stars? Two of the key players on the school’s first-ever state championship team, Lisa Carbone and Lauren Webster, suited up for the 1984 all stars.

Here is a listing of the BRHS basketball players chosen to participate in the Maine McDonald’s Senior All-Star Basketball teams since 1981. Let us know if the list is incomplete.

1981: Tim Rice

1984: Danny Lewis, Lisa Carbone and Lauren Webster

1985: Kim Erwin

1986: Scott Krouse, John Gosselin and Sarah Peters

1987: Melissa Hodgdon

1988: Mark Gosselin and Luanne Bradley (Gosselin was listed as Matt on the website)

1989: Rob Carbone Jr.

1990: Sandy Maddocks

1991: Jason Lorrain (his name is wrong on the website as well)

1993: Barbie Carbone

1994: Tyler Arsenault and Chris Lee

1995: Jennifer Webster

1996: Adam Sterrs

1997: Tony Hyson and Joey Norton

1998: Josh Garrett

1999: Chad Averill

2000: Ben Smith and Tyler Tibbetts

2001: Bob Deetjen, Mike Leighton and Ian McConnell

2002: Bill Hardwick

2003: Jesse Erskine and Katie Sibley

2004: Michael Norton and Kaitlin Garrett

2007: Roy Arsenault and Owen Johnson

2008: Ali Hartley and Kris Noonan

2009: Dan Hallinan

2011: Dan Dickinson

2013: Sarah Caron, Alexandra Clarke and Anthony DiMauro

2014: Andrew Hallinan

2015: Morgan Crocker, Evan Hepburn and John Hepburn

2016: Abel Bryer and Hannah Morley

2017: Kate Friant and Jacob Leonard

2018: Kyle Ames and Page Brown

2019: Ashley Abbott, Faith Blethen and Stephen Reny

2020: Chloe Arsenault and Hunter Crocker