Boothbay/Wiscasset girls finish second at MVC meet

Tue, 05/23/2023 - 7:15am

The  Boothbay/Wiscasset girls’ track and field team finished second May 16 at the Mountain Valley Conference meet in Lisbon. The following girls’ team athletes won their individual events: Julia Truesdell, 800M and 1,600M; Rose Campbell, discus; Qiana Hyman, shot put. The following boys’ athletes won their individual events: Ryan Gagnon, 800M; and Alton King 110M, and 4X100M team.

The following Boothbay/Wiscasset boys’ track and field athletes finished in the top six:

100M: Emmett Mooney, Lisbon, 11.87, first; Alton King, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 12.67, fourth; Austin Trask, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 12.87, fifth.

200M: James Cognata, Winthrop, 23.14, first; Josani Farmer, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 27.35, sixth.

400M: James Cognata, Winthrop, 50.56, first; Payton Blagdon, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 56.98, second; Aidric Canada, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 58.62, third.

800M: Bryan Gagnon, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 2:09.91, first; Ryan Clark, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 2:21.28, fifth.

110M hurdles:Alton King, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 18.95, first; Tucker Davenport, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 19.96, third; Nate Benoit, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 21.18, fourth.

4X100M relay: Boothbay/Wiscasset, 3:46.08, first; Winthrop, 3:51.6, second.

Long jump: Owen Booker, Lisbon, 20-07, first; Alton King, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 17-03.5, fourth. 

Discus: Demetrius Clark, Lisbon, 113-09, first; Robbie Shaw,  Boothbay/Wiscasset, 112-05, third; Mason Clark, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 105-06, fifth.

Shot put: Austin Lizzotte, Hall-Dale, 37-06, first; Robbie Shaw, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 34-09, fifth.

1,600M race walk: Samuel Liudvinatus, Lisbon, 8:54.78, first; Ross Gaffney, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 11:17.37, second. 

The following Boothbay/Wiscasset girls’ track and field athletes finished in the top six:

100M:Kayla Cooper, Lisbon, 13.61, first; Rose Campbell, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 14.3, third.

200M:Mya Austin, Buckfield, 28.08, first; Rose Campbell, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 29.05, third. 

800M: Julia Truesdell, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 2:57.52, first; Josie Clark, Hall-Dale, 3:28.99, second. 

1,600M: Julia Truesdell, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 6:40.8, first; Loreesa Theriault Guay, Lisbon, 6:45.57, second.

300M hurdles: Kiana Goldberg, Lisbon, 51.02, first; Emily Gilliam, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 58.23, second.

4X100M relay: Lisbon, 54.46, first; Boothbay/Wiscasset, 57.44, fourth.

4X400M relay: Lisbon, 4:45.53, first; Boothbay/Wiscasset, 5:02.13, third.

High jump: Avia Russo, Lisbon, 4-08, first; Emily Gilliam, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 4-02, third. 

Discus: Rose Campbell, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 81-09, first; Qiana Hyland, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 68-03, fifth.

Javelin: Kasie Booker, Lisbon, 81-10.5, first; Abby Orchard, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 62-09, third; Eleanor Marshall, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 6-09, fourth. 

Shot put: Qiana Hyman, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 25-07, first; Eleanor Marshall, Boothbay/Wiscasset, 22-07, sixth. 

The teams’ next meet is Thursday, May 25 at the MVC championships in Lisbon.