Press release

Boothbay Region World War I veterans’ history project

Tue, 01/29/2019 - 7:00am

With this year marking the 100th anniversary of the Allies Armistice with Germany during the First World War it seems fitting to start a community-wide history project in 2019, to bring us all together while there are still local residents alive who can remember the veterans that served in the “War to End All Wars.” Historian, Sarah Sherman, and Vietnam Veteran, Brian Rego, have worked for months creating a master list to kick off the project and they need your help finding information on each of the names listed.

Sherman noted, “This undertaking will be slightly different from past research projects I’ve worked on because there aren’t any living WWI veterans to interview. It will rely solely on local, state and newspaper archives and the memory of family and friends. Brian and I are looking forward to the challenge of piecing together this very significant time period in the Boothbay Region. We are specifically looking for photographs (preferably in uniform or from the time period), discharge papers, letters, diaries, postcards and telegrams that may be tucked way in your family archives or attics. Other items that are of interest include any souvenirs that were brought home by your relatives (paper money, coins, trench art and other European items).

Criteria for the project is that the Veteran lived in or was drafted or enlisted in the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, or Merchant Marine from one of the five peninsula towns - Southport Island, Boothbay, East Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor, and Edgecomb.

If you have information about any of the below listed World War I Veterans or believe there is a Veteran’s name missing from the list, please contact Sarah Sherman at Cozy Harbor Press, Inc. - Phone: 207-633-7161 (please no calls after 7:00 p.m.) or Email: We look forward to hearing from you.

Note: The WWI Veterans’ Master List was formed and cross-referenced from the following resources: The Boothbay Register archives (1917-1919), the Veterans’ Memorial Walls at the Southport Memorial Library and Boothbay Harbor Library, the Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Maine, Volumes I & II (1917-1919), the Roster of Maine in the World War, Volumes I & II, Southport: The War Years and Heroes Among Us.

Veterans who were killed in action or who died in service are denoted by one (*) symbol, Women Veterans are denoted by two (**) and WWI & WWII Veterans by (***).


Barter, Lester W.

Brewer, Archie H.

Burrows, John N.

***Cameron, Niles F.

Decker, Clarence R.

Decker, Raymond

Decker, Waldo P.

***Gamage, Edwin A.

Gamage, Lawrence J.

Gamage, Weston E.

Gray, Charles W.

Gray, Maurice P.

Gray, Roland M.

Gray, Scott

Latham, William W.

Love, Wesley C.

***Marr, Jr., Walcott H.

Marr, Thomas P.

Nickerson, Wells E.

Payson, Lewis E.

Payson, Warren D.

Pierce, Linwood H.

Pierece, Lawton P.

Rand, Arthur W.

Rand, Wendell G.

Snow, William A.

Snowman, Austin G.

Snowman, Jr., John R.

Thompson, Ernest F.

Thompson, Herbert L.

Thompson, Ross W.

Tibbetts, Walker A.

Tibbetts, Walter A.

Boothbay/East Boothbay

Abbott, Charles J.

Adams, James C.

Alley, Forest

Barter, Clyde Loyd

***Bartik, Anton Augustin

Blake, Maurice

Bougette, Leslie C.

Burke, Leonard John

Burnham, Frank A.

Campbell, Carleton Fay

Campbell, Ernest Herbert

Coss, Elmer

Day, Glenwood

Day, Gordon G.

Day, Maurice

***DeCosta, Sr., Edward William

Dodge, Harold A.

Dodge, Joseph N.

Dodge, J. Maynard

Dodge, Russell

Dodge, William Carleton

Doughty, Ralph B.

Farmer, Leroy

Farnham, Fred F.

* Giles, Isaac, M.

Greene, Francis B.

Greene, Marc T.

Greenleaf, Eugene

**Hodgdon, Caroline

Hodgdon, Donald F.

Hodgdon, Philip W.

Jones, Eliphelet P.

Jones, Prentiss

Kimball, Maxwell C.

Knight, Douglas E.

Lewis, Harry G.

Lewis, Isaiah

Lewis, Lawrence

Lewis, Ralph

Lewis, Walter

Luke, Arthur

Macauley, Arthur

Murray, Clifford
Olson, LeRoy

O’Neil, George

Pinkham, Howard E.

Poor, Willis F.

Race, A. LeRoy

Race, Shirley K.

***Reed, Chauncey M.

Reed, Ralph

Rice, Claude Leon

Sawyer, Frank W.

Tatham, Wilber

Tibbetts, Rodney

Welch, Preston

Whitman, Willard F.

Boothbay Harbor

Adams, Clayton

Adams, Ralph W.

Allen, Stephen

Alley, Asa A.

Auld, Arthur H.

Barrows, Harris C.

Bearce, Jesse M.

Bennett, Lawrence

Bishop, Percy G.

Blake, Wilder B.

Boston, Raymond Justin

Boyd, Robert A.

Boyd, Waldo S.

Brewer, Arnold

Brewer, Arthur

Brewer, Willis E.

Brown, George

Brown, Norman A.

Burke, Charles A.

Brewer, Arthur

Cameron, Artemus

Campbell, Charles Edward

Campbell, Clifton

Carlisle, Frank A.

***Carlisle, Louis Albion

Carr, John Howard

Chambers, Victor N.

Clifford, Ernest

Clisby, Lawrence

Colby, Ralph

Coolin, Raymond H.

Cromwell, Forest L.

Curtis, Richard E.

Curtis, Willard H.

David, Joseph Alfred

David, Maurice

**Delamere, Harriet B.

Dighton, Theodore Edward

Dodge, Harold A.

Dudley, George

Durfee, McKay

Durfee, Lewis

Farmer, Percy

Farnham, Kenneth W.

Forbes, Ernest R.

Forbes, John Russ

Foster, Jesse

Garey, Henry M.

Godfrey, Walter H.

Greene, Jr., Francis B.

Haggett, Harold W.

Hahn, Jr., Edward E.

Hallett, Richard M.

Hardy, Arthur F.

***Harding, Elmer

Hemore, Lester G.

Higgins, Fred

Higgins, John M.

Hodgdon, Dexter W.

Holton, Lewis S.

Hume, Warren

Johnson, George Everett

Kellar, Archie

Kelley, Milton F.

Kimball, Maxwell C.

Lewis, Isiah P.

Lewis, Jr., Ralph A.

Marr, Harold

Marr, Russell

Marshall, Walter

Marson, Frank L.

Marson, Lucas M.
Marson, Stephen R.

McCobb, Arthur L.

McCormick, Austin H.

McIntire, Herbert K.

McKown, Adna W.

McKown, Albert C.

McKown, Harold T.

McKown, Jospeh

McKown, Richard

McLellan, Paul C.

Miller, Joseph

Miller, Thomas Waldo

Mitchell, Frank E.

Newcomb, Frank

Nickerson, Parker T.

Nordin, Percy A.

Orne, Everett

Orne, Percy F.

* Orne, Sidney B.

Parmenter Claude L.

Pennell, Carl M.

Pierce, Hardy W.

Pennoyer, Jr., Frederick W.

Pennoyer, Raymond

Pitcher, James Albert

Poole, Loring

Pond, Frank C.

Pond, John M.

Pond, Joseph H.

Poor, Clarence

Poor, Willis F

Poor, Clarence

Poors, Laurel F.

Reed, Allen Clinton

Reed, Ernest I.

Reed, Howard S.

Reed, Manley E.

Reed, Norman M.

Robinson, Maynard

Rowe, Bryan

Sawyer, Frank S.

Sawyer, Frank W.

Seavey, William A.

* Sherman, Jr., Charles E.

Sherman, Jesse

Sherman, Kilburn O.

Smith, Harry D.

Sproul, Melville, W.

Stevens, Frank

Stevens, Melville W.

Stevens, Walter M.

Stevens, William M.

Stevens, William, M.

Thompson, Richard F.

Thurston, Herbert H.

Trask, Everett Leon

Wass, Leo F.

Watts, Robert

Woodward, Maurice A.


Baker, William

Dodge, Jesse

Greenough, Carl I.

Lampson, Genwood L.

Sherman, Alvin

Sherman, Harold L.

Sherman, Norman

Sherman, Irving E.