BRHS boys tennis

Boothbay loses at Dixfield

Fri, 05/06/2022 - 8:00am

On Thursday, May 5, the Dirigo Cougars defeated the Boothbay Region Seahawks, 4-1, in Class C boys tennis in Dixfield.


(B) Cleyton Splaine 3-6 2-6 (D) Hayden Adam

(B) Sawyer Blake 6-2 6-4 (D) Wyatt Smith

(B) Neal Baldwin 0-6 4-6 (D) Lucas Micks

(B) Andrew Fowlie and Rodi Mayne 4-6 1-6 (D) Keegan Foreman and Logan Hodgkins 

(B) Chase Mansfield and Colby Allen 0-6 0-6 (D) Nathaniel Wainwright and Logan Timberlake