Boothbay Harbor Rotary Club

Mon, 02/11/2019 - 12:00pm

Many kudos to Rotarians and students who stepped up to participate in the highly successful Mock Interview Days. The students presented their resumes to Rotarians who interviewed applicants for the jobs of their choice. With the leadership of faculty Nick Scott and Ingrid Merrill, this continues to be a very special partnership with the BRHS which helps students prepare for their futures. The students were amazing and so were the following: Jeff Long, Griff Winthrop, Vic Taylor, Tory Paxson, Chip Griffin, Mike Thompson, Steve Solario, I.J. Pinkham, and Brian McGrath.

Food insecurity has been a top priority of Rotary as a result of our visioning process. With Fleet Davies taking the lead, our board authorized a donation for the resumption of the Southport community lunch this winter. The Southport Island Association has agreed to pay half of the costs. Hoorah to Rotarian Fleet Davies, Brenda Tibbetts who will organize the lunches, and SIA!

Do you know a veteran who cannot get out into the community and would appreciate a visit by a Rotarian? Let us know

Rotary continues to feature outstanding artists with the ongoing exhibition of their works at the Rotary clubhouse. Thanks to Rotarian Sandra Leonard, we have recently enjoyed the works of Bruce MacDonald and now Tony Van Hasselt. They and others: Sally Giddings Smith, John and Lynn Seitzer, Bob McKay, John Butke, June Elderkin, and Helen Farnham are succeeding in helping to make Boothbay Harbor a destination for great art.

In case you missed this, we honored the next officers and board of directors for the upcoming 2019 - 2020 Rotary year. They are: president, Rick Elder; president-elect, Irene Fowle; vice president, Jeff Long; treasurer/club operations, Brian McGrath; treasurer/club foundation, Bill Prince; secretary, Laurie Zimmerli; immediate past president, Alice Mutch. The president=elect (2018/2019) has chosen the following board members to serve during the 2019/2020 Rotary Year: Debbie Graves, Fleet Davies, Jean Huber, Tory Paxson.

In case we have another government shutdown, we've invited Coasties to dinner at our club, and we have extended a dinner invitation to Coasties for dinner in our Rotary clubhouse. Would you like to invite a local "Coastie" family to dinner at your house? Let me know.

We had a recent speaker, our own Dwight Swisher, who was joined by Linda Bonin. They presented the success of a joint project with the Garden Club. The intent and success of the project was to create a sustainable environment through use of native plants which attract beneficial insects.