Boothbay Harbor passes $4.23 million budget

Tue, 06/23/2020 - 7:30am

    Boothbay Harbor voters on June 20 approved the entire town warrant – $3,039,606 in appropriations and $1,189,335 in revenues – for the next fiscal year. The annual town meeting in the Boothbay Region High School gymnasium came a day after elections for seven seats and meeting moderator Melissa Witt.

    Boothbay Register viewed the meeting via Boothbay Region Television.

    Town Manager Julia Latter explained the 2.3% budget increase is mostly due to capital expenditure and paving and construction accounts, but does not reflect the Community School District or Lincoln County budgets.

    Of the 23 warrant articles, the only one posing concern was Article 14 which authorizes selectmen to accept gifts and donations on behalf of the town. Resident Tom Minerich said it would be more prudent to include language that considers potential liabilities of any loans or donations.

    Selectman Wendy Wolf explained liabilities are always assessed before the town accept gifts. She proposed new language:  “… Where it says ‛accept gifts and donations,’ add ‛assess potential liability of’ … That is really just indicating what we already do,  the town manager, finance officer and select board, is just stating what is already our practice.”

    Resident Chip Griffin suggested the amendment was unnecessary since the wording has been the same in living memory and selectmen must balance opportunities’ risks. “Any gift has some downside to it. I don’t think we need to muck it up with language that isn’t really getting us anywhere in my opinion.”

    Wolf’s amendment got two votes and failed. The article passed with all but one vote in favor.

    Amendments to town codes involving subdivision measurement, mobile food vending, purchase orders, port regulation definitions and blasting passed with no discussion.