oothbay Harbor Yacht Club Regatta and Shipyard Cup Classics Challenge

Boothbay Harbor One Design – A sailboat for life

Mon, 07/19/2021 - 5:00pm

The Boothbay Harbor One Design or as popularly referred to as BHOD was designed by Geerd Hendel in the 1930s, one of Maine’s best designers, the Boothbay Harbor One Design has stood the test of time. While she is not a new design, in some ways she is more like a modern “Spirit of Tradition” racer than what we usually think of as a classic One Design.

Unlike many classics she has very short overhangs, giving her a long waterline for a high potential top speed. Due to her light displacement and her very long, relatively straight hull lines she is capable of sailing at her top speed a good deal of the time. At the same time, she is a simple and roomy boat, uncluttered, and easy to sail.  BHODs are safe, relatively dry, and have good visibility all around. BHOD are 21 feet long with a waterline of almost 19 feet, displace 2100 lbs. with 227 sq. ft. of sail area.

She will capture the eye as much as any boat.

One example of enduring success in racing BHOD’s is Wildfire, hull number 24, owned by Patty Berger since Wildfire was launched 63 years ago. Her grandfather had her built by Norman Hodgdon for Patty and her brother Steve 1958. They sailed and raced her ever since whenever they could and let other people sail her when they were unable to during working years.

Patty recently stated, “It’s hard to express how I feel about Wildfire. She has always been beautiful, exciting, challenging, and constant. Thanks to the wonderful care and reconstruction done by David Nutt a few years back she is seaworthy and strong as well. What adventures we have had; the excitement of competing, the challenges of high winds or the doldrums, family picnics, babies sleeping under the foredeck, racing home before the fog catches up. It is all such fun! I cherish time with Wildfire, she is my baby at 53 years old.”

Wildfire has an enviable record of winning races in Boothbay and will be competing with several other BHOD racers as a separate class in the upcoming regatta.

“See you there! July 25, 10 a.m. — Inner Harbor parade of BHYC Regatta Shipyard Cup Classic Challenge racing boats. Parade route east side to west. Announcer heard at Whale Park, Coastal Prime, or on VHF channel 72.” FMI contact Andy Mutch, 410-353-3861.