Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library

I love a mystery!
Fri, 05/24/2024 - 8:45am

It's that time of year again.  Trees are leafing out, bulbs are bursting with color and the perennials are pushing up through the spring ground. The birds are overjoyed and the deer are having a field day.

Visitors have started to arrive from all parts of the country and from our neighboring borders Canada and Mexico.

What draws visitors to Boothbay and other parts of Maine? Some will tell you how they love Maine's coastline and its quaint small towns. Others are interested in Maine's vast woods; and almost all are interested in our history.

As a book lover and librarian I am always interested in what visitors are reading. I often hear the name Stephen King, Maine's foremost thriller writer. However, Stephen would be the first to share space on our bookshelves with other wonderful Maine mystery and thriller writers. Too numerous to list them all here, I have put together a short list of Maine authors that have a new mystery coming out this year (2024).

Paul Doiron: “Pitch Dark”

Tess Gerritsen: “The Spy Coast”

Gerry Boyle: “Robbed Blind”

Lyn Dee Walker and Bruce Coffin: “The General's Gold”

Matt Cost: “Pirate Trap”

Sarah Graves: “Death by Chocolate-Raspberry Scone”

Barbara Ross: “Easter Basket Murder”

Stephen King: “You'll Like it Darker”

In other news, the “I love a mystery” Book Club gave 4-5 stars to our two latest books, both were great discussion books.  “Blackwater Falls”  by Ausma Z. Kahn and “The Nigerwife”  by Vanessa Walters.

Happy reading mystery lovers,