Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library

I love a mystery!
Tue, 05/19/2020 - 11:00am

It's been weeks since I wrote my last article. The river is still quiet. Lobster traps and buoys are piled high. We solved the mystery of why our favorite ducks haven't visited lately. We discovered a family of foxes making themselves at home under our bird feeders. Well it's clouding up and getting ready to rain. The gardens have been tended to and the leaves raked. My house is in order so it is time to sit and read.

James Hayman was sitting next to Tess Gerritsen on my bookshelves. I thought, “why was he next to her?” Then I remembered. The Railway Station hosts an annual book fair. In 2012 Tess Gerritsen was to be a guest speaker and I wanted to attend. While browsing through a display of books a gentleman introduced himself as James Hayman.  I enjoyed our conversation and bought a copy of his first book “The Cutting,” which he kindly autographed for me. I wished him success.

“The Cutting” became the first in a series featuring protagonist Detective Sergeant Michael McCabe and Detective Maggie Savage. Much like the author, McCabe was a native New Yorker who spent much of their working lives in the big city before moving to Maine.

After graduating from Brown University, Hayman spent many years working for a major advertising agency. Ready for a change, he and his wife moved to Maine where they built a house on an island a half mile from Portland. Once settled, he started writing the suspense thriller he always wanted to.

There are six titles in the McCabe/Savage series of which I have read five. Hayman is currently working on a new novel featuring protagonist N.Y. Private Investigator Charlie Spiller, who specializes in investigating financial crimes like money laundering, tax evasion, and now murder. 

If you like Michael Connelly, Lisa Gardner and Tess Gerritsen, then you will like Hayman. He also had a couple of recommendations: “The Neighbor” by Joseph Souza and “Thieves” by Steve M. Russo.

The library is still closed to circulating materials but you can find Hayman's (E-Audio Books) online. The library is accepting calls if you need help.

Happy reading mystery lovers!

P.S: BHML is scheduled to reopen June 2 for curbside pickup service! Visit for updates and how-to details. We can’t wait to start getting “real” books back in everyone’s hands again!