Boothbay Harbor lobster boat sinks, raised with lots of help

Sun, 11/27/2022 - 5:45pm

    In the early morning hours of Thanksgiving Day, Andy Page's boat, F/V Sea Star sank at the Boothbay Harbor town dock. Efforts to raise the boat were not able to happen until Friday morning.

    Bruce White of Sea Tow along with many fellow fishermen worked through the morning placing airbags and eventually pumps to re-float the vessel. The first attempt was unsuccessful as an airbag failed. The second attempt using multiple airbags equipped to raise 4,000 pounds each were placed by Trevor Swope, a diver with Fuller Marine. White carefully inflated the bags to insure the 36-foot Wayne Beal lobster boat would raise evenly. Everyone's efforts were rewarded as Sea Star was emptied of all the water and towed to Hodgdon Boatyard on Southport Island, followed by Devon Campbell for repairs.

    No foul play was suspected and the cause of the mishap is still being investigated but is believed to be a pump failure. 

    Andy Page thanks all who have reached out in support and those who helped in the raising of his beloved Sea Star.