Boothbay amends CMBG stop work order

Posted:  Thursday, December 7, 2017 - 5:00pm

The Boothbay code enforcement office has issued an amended stop work order regarding Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens’ expansion project. On Dec. 4, code enforcement officers Art Dunlap and Jason Lorrain issued an amended order based on CMBG’s continued work in the watershed overlay zone. Boothbay officials amended the order due to confusion about the order issued on Nov. 17.

CMBG received a permit in December 2016 from the planning board. But the Anthony family successfully appealed the decision which resulted on Nov. 9 with the appeals board denying the permit. On Nov. 14, CMBG received a stop work order which pertained to all expansion construction, alterations and repairs. However, the order allowed for some exceptions. CMBG may use completed parking lots during Gardens Aglow and to maintain vegetation or prevent erosion and other environmental harms within the watershed overlay zone.

Code enforcement officers issued the amended order to clear up any confusion regarding construction activity and erosion control. The amended order defines “temporary” and “permanent” stabilization measures within the zone.

“We were alerted that there was some paving going on in the watershed.  I think they (CMBG) were under the impression it was erosion control measures,” Lorrain said. “We considered it construction activity.”

According to CMBG officials, the amended order clarifies boundaries and incorporates Maine Department of Environmental Protection requirements for continued stormwater stabilization in the watershed overlay zone.

“The only work underway in the watershed overlay zone under the original and amended stop work order is for stabilization and stormwater controls per approval of DEP and the Town of Boothbay,” wrote CMBG Marketing Director Kris Folsom regarding the amended order.

The appeals board meets at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 12 to reconsider its decision denying CMBG a building permit. The hearing is in the municipal building’s conference room.