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Bob Crink’s ‘Women of the Boothbay Region II’: B&W vignettes

Wed, 01/15/2020 - 7:00am

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4 Oak Street
Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538
United States

What is it about B&W photos and films that grabs us? I know it’s not just me who adores them. For me it’s because B&W images have a timeless element about them. B&W also adds super shadow and light effects to any subject. It fascinates. It’s compelling.

Local photographer Bob Crink chose to bring the magic of B&W into focus for his second “Women of the Boothbay Region” photography show at Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library. The opening reception Jan. 11 drew fans of Bob’s work as well as the curious ... and many of the subjects in the show, too.

This all B&W show features 14 new subjects Bob just had to photograph. While last year’s show featured movers and shakers in our community, this show is of women he has come to know with and without his camera – oh, who am I kidding? He’s always got a camera in hand. Some people always have their phone, Bob’s got his camera.

If you haven’t seen this year’s show yet, the models are: Maureen Stormont/Boothbay Railway Village; Dana Paolillo/Fishin For Fashion; Ellen Keffe/People to People volunteer; Eve Jamieson/Singles Group coordinator/volunteer; Debbie Watson/St. Andrews Thrift Shop; Leslie Muir Volpe/artist; Jen Field/Community Center; Erin Stodder/Midcoast Hospitality Group; Sam Hicks/Boothbay Animal Hospital; Deanna Clarkson/Bob’s neighbor; Pat McKee/Dance instructor at The Community Center; Crystal Theall/Blue Tin Farm; Diana/member of Bob’s fitness class; and Lisa Kristoff/Boothbay Register in two poses.

Images of Kathleen Sheehan and Juliette Cohen, two of the women in last year’s color photo show, have been converted to B&W and added to the 2020 lineup. Bob also included his two favorite photos of his late (and beautiful) wife Lynne Crink taken in the 1970s. In fact, one of her pics is in the entryway of the library.

Bob’s inspiration for the show came from the late fashion photographer Peter Lindburgh. Now Bob has four of Lindburgh’s books, but it was the B&W photographs of famous actresses in “Shadows on the Wall” (published in 2017) that caught his eye and fired up his imagination. In particular, it was the way Lindburgh presented each actress in a series of different poses against a dark background and revealed the inner spirit of each woman.

Bob’s images are mini-vignettes of each of the women ages 34-76. If you really look, a story, her story (to date, anyway) is there to see. And that’s what he was after. And that meant capturing each woman as they are; no airbrushing. It’s all real, baby!

“I love to photograph women. I’ll admit it,” shared Bob with a chuckle. “Many of the women in the show had to be convinced to do this ... but they all left saying how fun it was. Only one of them, Sam Hicks, had done modeling before and you could just tell right away. She just knew what to do.”

I admit I was one of this year’s subjects who needed convincing ... several months worth of convincing as I recall! But in November I finally decided why not – I’ll try anything (well, almost anything) once. He definitely needed to shoot those 200 shots of me to come up with a couple to frame ... But, you know, he was right. It was fun. And that’s all I have to say about that.

He’s already dreamed up his 2021 concept: “P to the 4th Power: Photographs of Places and People on the Peninsula.” Until then you’re sure to see him at most of our community’s events throughout the year … Bob Crink likes to stay busy and he’s particularly happy when he’s looking through his camera’s viewfinder at his next subject.

Be sure to check out more of his work at www.f-dphotography.com

“Women of the Boothbay Region II” runs through February in BHML’s upstairs conference room. The library is at 4 Oak St. Call 633-3112 for hours or visit https://bbhlibrary.org